Ever been arrested for bottlefeeding your baby?

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Ever been arrested for bottlefeeding your baby?
Fri, 12-16-2011 - 5:31pm

Women who use formula feel they are often discriminated by the small minority of women who breastfeed. This may range from looks, comments or even one woman who was asked to leave a breastfeeding cafe.

But has anyone ever been arrested and charged with a criminal offence for bottlefeeding their baby?

A woman in DC was accused of indecent exposure after she was “caught” breastfeeding her baby in public. Simone dos Santos was feeding her baby in a government building when an officer asked her to stop, claiming that what she was doing with her baby was “indecent.”

“I was shocked, upset and angry that by providing food for my son I was being treated like a criminal,” Ms dos Santos said.

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And I see the usual 'feed the baby in the toilet' being trotted out. As well as the uninformed comments about bringing a bottle of pumped milk - well, hello, if the pumped milk is being fed while the mother is out, she also needs to pump around the same time to replace the feed. What if you are out for many hours? What if you do not respond to the pump?

Or use a cover? None of my babies would have tolerated even a light nursing cover in our tropical climate.

Some of the comments also seem to assume that there are loads of rooms provided with lots of space for mothers to use as well. Hmm, I rarely see a parenting room, and when I do, it mor often provides facilities to change a diaper, and far less often provedes a comfortable space to feed a baby.

And of course, the old furphy of nursing being something private to be done at home. So we will banish a group of parents from mingling in society for months or years on end?