fearless formula feeder?

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fearless formula feeder?
Wed, 09-15-2010 - 12:15am

Has anyone else ever come across this web site before?

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Wed, 09-15-2010 - 9:29am

I just browsed through it quickly. I'll take a longer look later and post comments, but at first glance I got the impression that it will be hard for me to read some of the stories. There may be lots of myths buried in there, and that isn't the place to be trying to correct any misinformation. It looks like the type of place that people go to share their "I had to FF" stories without fear of "judgement" from the Breast Brigade. And lots of people need such a place, if they are doing something they wish they didn't have to do.




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Wed, 09-15-2010 - 4:12pm

Here is my brief summery of the blog from taking a quick look at it last night:

*The author is a formula defender who claims she "tried everything" to BF her child and didn't succeed. She was very gung ho about BF'ing unti9ll it didn't work out and then she became a formula defender and less pro-BFing though she claims she is not anti-BF'ing.

*Her blog generally is about defending formula and critiquing supposed benefits and risks of BF'ing and FF'ing.

*Basically, I would rank her overall position in the debate as in between the die-hard anti-BF formula defenders and the "I'm still a strong BF advocate even though I have to FF" types. She doesn't claim FF'ing is as good as or close enough to BF'ing healthwise but she doesn't seem to downplay the risks of formula somewhat.

*She makes a point that she tries to defend formula without coming off as angry or obnoxious about it. She tries to present rational arguments for criticisms of various BF advocate claims rather then simply writing argument that are more based on emotion and gut reactions. She tries to research her arguments before presenting them so she makes informed arguments. As she puts it, her basically m mantra is "standing up for formula feeders without being a boob about it".

*She does sometimes do critiques of studies that I am not sure she has the scientific background to be do properly.

*She seems as if she is motivated to downplay certain benefits of BF'ing/risks of formula in order to help herself feel better about having to FF her child.

*She does not seem to be totally anti-BF advocate like some formula defender blogs I have read.

*She doe snot seem to like Dr. Jack Newman and perceives him as anti-working mother and feminism in certain respects.

In summery, while I found her approach to "formula defense" refreshing in that she does attempt to present rational argument and not just come across as angry and anti-BF advocacy, I feel she wrongly downplays certain riks of formula that I think are much better supported by solid studies then she is willing to recognize. While I did agree with some of the arguments she was making, I also took issue with many of them too. I going to read through more of her blog and maybe I'll have some more to say on the blog later.


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Wed, 09-15-2010 - 10:25pm
I really, really wish I had found that blog back when I made my decision to quit trying to BF.