FINALLY, the references on 3/70 days

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FINALLY, the references on 3/70 days
Tue, 04-08-2003 - 10:13pm
OK, I've only been searching for 3 days now. ;-) I knew I'd seen it somewhere...

Here is what I read about "toxic" breastmilk lowering life expectancy by 3 days, and not breastfeeding lowering it by 70 days.

> Here's an excerpt from a 1994 LEAVEN article, "Pesticides and=

> Breastfeeding" by Betty Crase, in which she describes a study by W. Rogan,=

> who compared the risks of contaminants in breast milk with the risks of=

> formula feeding:

> "Estimated loss of life expectancy from cancer from human milk exposure=

> to the contaminants studied was less than three days; in contrast, the=

> decrease in life expectancy from excess postneonatal mortality in infants=

> not breastfed compared to the increase in life expectancy in breastfed=

> infants

> is about seventy days. There was not only no advantage to avoiding=

> breastfeeding, there was a disadvantage. Breastfed children, even those at=

> the extreme doses of contaminants considered to be in human milk, had a=

> net lower risk of death and longer life expectancy."

> It's a terrific article and can be found in LEAVEN, Vol. 30 No. 3,=

> May-June 1994, pp. 37-40. The reference cited in LEAVEN for this study is:

> Rogan, W. J. et al. Should the presence of carcinogens in breast milk=

> discourage breast feeding? Reg Toxicol Pharmacol 1991; 13:228-40.


> There is a wonderful new website, "Healthy Milk,=

> Healthy Baby," about breast milk contamination, created by Dr. Gina=

> Solomon at the National Resources Defense Council, if you want

> more details. It has a very pro-breastfeeding focus. The url is=



> Pesticides and Breastfeeding


BTW I must say...human milk is really the poster child for how polluted our planet is. Human milk is quite polluted in actual fact. Far less than formula, which doesn't even have animal fats in it, but rather plant-based fats/oils.


To me that says something...that despite heavy pollution, there are things that are SO important in human milk that we can't even fathom how important they are, or how they work. I think mother nature will always stay a step ahead of us... ;-)


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 10:41pm
Ugh, I made a mistake:

"Far less than formula, which doesn't even have animal fats in it, but rather plant-based fats/oils. "

Should read far MORE than formula. There are more pollutants in human milk than in formula IOW.