Formula Fascists....

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Formula Fascists....
Sat, 03-30-2013 - 8:42pm

For the life of me, I can't figure out why this debate is so decidedly anti-breastfeeding [everywhere outside this board].

A baby died, tragically.

The medical examiner, deputy police chief, and the local newspaper were all quick to blame breastfeeding.  **sigh**

Some yahoo from a nursing school commented:

"This reinforces the necessity of following Safe Sleep recommendations. This poor mother was so exhausted that she woke to find a dead baby at her breast. What a horror! Any mother who is so tired needs to ask another family member to give expressed breast milk by bottle and let her get some sleep! Better bottle fed than dead!"

If ever there was a Formula Fascist, I think that commentator fits the mold. How much more callous and heartless can one be than to blame a individual mother for her child's death because she did not use formula. I mean really.

Breastfeeding mothers, on average, are less likely to be exhausted and less likely to have a baby lost to SIDS. This mother did right by her child by breastfeeding. Perhaps there were some unusual and unreported circumstances, but from what is reported the commenter is off base. Only someone who is unfamiliar with breastfeeding would suggest that a breastfeeding mother should act more like a bottle feeding mother and express milk to bottle feed. Expressing breastmilk can be a hassle and it is wrong to advise to all mothers.

I can't help but wonder if these rigid attitudes against breastfeeding were influenced by Wilwaukee's controversial campaign:


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Sun, 03-31-2013 - 8:04pm

Yeah, the whole linking the tragedy to breastfeeding makes no sense. Needing more support, assistance, help, etc. those are real issues. If exhaustion is a problem, I agree, that formula and pumping are not the solution at all.

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Sun, 03-31-2013 - 7:50am

<< Any mother who is so tired needs to ask another family member to give expressed breast milk by bottle and let her get some sleep!>>

I am trying to imagine being so very tired that I would fall asleep on my baby - and yet awake enough to sit and try to respond to a breast pump for 10-30 minutes while my baby screams in hunger.

Of course, I should have the pumped bottles ready to go, right? But if I am that exhausted, I probably don't have the help I need to rest, so I probably don't have any time to sit and pump bottles ahead of time.

An obvious solution for me, is if there is someone on hand to bottlefeed a baby while I slept, why could they not sit and monitor a breastfeeding and make sure that I don't fall alseep - or if I did, remove the baby from my arms - and to make sure that I laid down and rested once the baby was finished feeding?