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Wed, 08-08-2012 - 2:46pm

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Breastfeeding is worth it

The lovely Ashley Poland over at Domestic Chaos recently mentioned this blog as "a good resource for mothers." This was incredibly sweet of her, especially considering that Ashley is a (wonderful, positive) breastfeeding advocate. In her description of [my blog], she also admits that "it's hard sometimes to read the entries. As someone who would love to see more people interesting in and trying breastfeeding, I occasionally interpret the attitude is Breastfeeding is useless."

This comment stopped me in my tracks. If this was someone who just performed a cursory reading of the blog, it would be one thing. But Ashley is a loyal reader, one with an incredible level of intelligence, sensitivity, and self-awareness. If she is getting that impression, then I think it's safe to say that I am (however unintentionally) giving that impression.

Do I think that breastfeeding is useless? Hell no.

Actually, I would tell any prospective mother who is on the fence about how to feed her child to give breastfeeding a fair, educated, eyes-wide-open, and optimistic shot. Because all things being equal, formula feeding SUCKS. It's inconvenient. It's messy. It's expensive. It's confusing.

I was thinking about this the other day, as a few of my good friends are adding solids to their breastfeeding babes' diets. One mentioned how inconvenient and annoying solids could be - remembering to bring food along on outings, etc. I was confused for a minute, until I realized that duh, this woman was used to being able to walk out the door anytime and have food readily available for her son. As long as she was there, he could be fed. Awesome. Who in her right mind would chose a path requiring sticky, expensive powder, and a feeding method which requires bottle-washing, wondering about the right kinds of water, comparison shopping and trying a zillion formulas and bottles before finding the right one for your kid - when the other choice simply requires holding a warm, delicious baby near your naked chest? All things being equal, breastfeeding is not useless; breastfeeding is by far the easier, more rewarding choice.

Make no mistake: breastfeeding is not "useless". Breastfeeding is incredible.