Got guilt?

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Got guilt?
Tue, 11-12-2013 - 5:31pm

>>Perhaps a more moderate take on breastfeeding would better serve all involved. We could change the message from “Breast is best” to “Breast is pretty good if you can and want to do it.” It’s not as catchy, but if we could avoid the guilt!....

Or we can tell the truth. Breast is best. Babies are less likely to become obese, have diabetes, have GI infections and ear infections. They may even be smarter. Mothers are less likely to be overweight and have diabetes too. Women who breastfeed reduce their risk of some cancers....

And what if we tell the truth, and she still decides not to breastfeed, or worse, tries and fails? We will smile, support her and teach her what she needs to know for the path she is taking. We will not guilt her. If she assumes guilt, we will smile, support her and teach her how to move onward.

We cannot predict who will feel guilt and to what extent. Therefore, any efforts to preclude guilt are likely to fall flat, acting as a disservice to everyone. Doctors, nurses and childbirth educators have a duty to offer the best information, leaving subsequent outcomes and unpredictable feelings to be dealt with in real time when, and if, necessary.<<

Hear, hear.