I hope Kate Middleton breastfeeds....

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I hope Kate Middleton breastfeeds....
Thu, 07-04-2013 - 3:06pm

Does that make me a bully?

I enjoyed this artlcle at cloudmom:


To me, that’s what this Kate Middleton breastfeeding in public image would look like, and it would be historic.  It would send a positive message to governments, employers, and hospitals all over the world that breastfeeding is a healthy option for women and babies and that breastfeeding moms need more support.

Does Kate have to do it?  No.  Should there be pressure on her to do it?  No.  Do I hope she does it?  If she chooses to nurse, yes indeed.

So that’s my two cents.  NO.ORBS.REQUIRED.

But after all this brouhaha and politics, I fear Kate will be dissuaded from breastfeeding in public so as not to take sides in a politically charged battle.  That’s a shame.