Let's get things going here, ladies! (m)

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Let's get things going here, ladies! (m)
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 5:01pm
How about a simple discussion to get things moving? (Is there such a thing?)

Smokers - should moms who smoke breastfeed their babies? I'm only referring to cigarettes here, not marijuana or other drugs. Is a bf'er who smokes doing more harm to her baby than good?



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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 12:02am
"How do you know the effects of anti-bodies don't wear off?? Is this just your opinion as well or do you seriously have some pretty astounding info to back that up. Seriously, Fio....I want to know."

No, I have nothing (yet) to back it up. It is just good ole' gut feeling. I feel it is REALLY important, otherwise mother nature wouldn't have put them there, and they wouldn't already be making a difference, right? ;-)

"Why do you feel that childhood diseases are directly related to formula intake?? what about other environmental factors??"

I obviously believe in other environmental factors, and genetics and all. It is just, that from what I can see, most of the time when a study is done that is NOT done by someone who has some sort of profit to gain ::sounds of change clinking around in pocket::, it ends up showing up as being well-done (i.e. takes into consideration factors like these, education level, etc.). whenever i come across anything that promotes bf as negative in any way, when you dig deeper, you find that money or SOME BENEFIT has changed hands somewhere along the way. That is why I have SO LITTLE FAITH in these companies. AFter all, who is to gain from showing bf as being positive for humanity? Sure, it's nice to hear for all us bf'ers, but in reality, who gains? No one really. I do not get more money in my pocket directly b/c of a study coming out promiting bf as a Very Good Thing. Nor do you, nor does anyone else. So why would we say it was better if it wasn't?

" What about the fact that medical advancements is allowing even the sickest of babies survive. Wouldn't that add to your count?? Wouldn't the fact that we are NOT a society of "survival of the fittest" play into that?? I don't disagree with you regarding the added benefits of bm. I also believe that if my children were exclusively bf'd their eczema wouldn't have been so bad. I believe that...BUT, that doesn't change the fact that things happen DESPITE your best efforts....kwim??"

Definately! I'm not saying that a kid who lives in a family where EVERYONE gets sick with astham won't get it if he's bfed. But yk, it might not be so severe, eh?

I was astounded at something I heard recently. The midwife who was the back-up at Nyssa's birth (and Sandrine's for that matter) has just been diagnosed as diabetic within the past year or yera and a half. She is around 45-50. She says ALL her relatives in her family have had diabetes. It is a given. About as much as it is a given that I WILL have a male child who is colour blind if I ever have any boys (I carry that gene from all directions possible...). She knew it would happen someday...but it just kept NOT happening. Where all her family were diagnosed in their teens or twenties, she is pushing 50 almost. Why the lateness? Well, it is obviously just more anecdotal evidence, so no one has to believe it necessarily, but she is the ONLY person in her family who REALLY takes care of herself. I mean REALLY. She eats organic health foods only, eats no dairy, eats mainly vegetarian meals (not all), exercises regularily, doesn't smoke. These are ALL contributing factors, and perhaps had she just done one of them (i.e. regular exercise, or not smoking) perhaps it wouldn't have been so noticeable...but I think it is REALLY interesting, the large distance btwn her and the rest of her family and relatives who have diabetes and were diagnosed much younger, AND with a more severe type to begin with (i.e. they had to start taking insulin right away, whereas she controlled hers with diet for quite some time).

So...take a family full of bfed people who all get diabetes at 45 and ONE non-bf kid who gets diabetes at 35 or 40...you can't really blame it only on the non bfing of that person, and I can't accredit her healthy lifestyle completely in her case, but I do say with that kind of outcome one can't help but imagine it HAS to have some impact, eh?

(and FWIW I don't think there was anything to do with bf/ff in her family...she bf her daughter, so maybe in the years to come her daughter will be lucky and not get diabetes so early, esp, if she eats well like her mom...but she was part of a generation that were all not bfed...).

" Just because someone is bf'd doesn't mean that bm is the end all be all of human existence."

I realize this.