My Brain Hurts (m)

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My Brain Hurts (m)
Wed, 10-01-2003 - 12:08pm
I just have to say that my brain has gotten quite the workout this past week since I decided to come out of lurkdom and join you ladies in this debate. I don't think I've thought this hard since high school geometry.

Sometimes I feel like I'm spinning my wheels, going around in circles, repeating myself...but all in all you are a very insightful, intelligent group of ladies and have I must say we are quite a determined bunch too. We have our beliefs and no one is going to prove otherwise ;). Or will they...don't know if that's the "goal" of a debate board or not. In fact, my brain is so spent, I refuse to think anymore today. :)

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Wed, 10-01-2003 - 3:22pm

Thanks for coming out and joining "the club;)"