Nasty blow for mums who bottlefeed

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Nasty blow for mums who bottlefeed
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 11:28pm
Nasty blow for mums who bottlefeed

LISA Watson has been lashed by that nasty storm of judgment that rains down on mums no matter what they do with their babies.

She remembers taking her first-born son into a mothers' room to feed him his bottle and being criticised by other breastfeeding mums who said she didn't need to be in there because she could feed her baby anywhere.

She copped yet more criticism while standing in line at the supermarket checkout with a tin of formula on the counter.

Some women behind her suddenly started talking loudly about how women didn't put in enough effort when it came to persevering with breastfeeding.

Shopkeepers have also refused to warm her bottle, telling her point blank that she should be breastfeeding. This was compounded by the personal feelings of failure and guilt she was battling having grown up expecting to follow her mother's lactation lead and spend joyful hours with her babies at the breast.

Despite her best and very desperate intentions, breast reduction surgery meant she had no choice but to feed all three of her children with the bottle.

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Sat, 09-08-2012 - 8:24pm

The article about Lisa sounds as though she is a well-balanced person, who found that information was lacking here in Queensland. Probably right, I don't think I have seen Health dpartment brochures etc on how to safely bottle feed here either. So she started a face book page.

But the comments got me. So many lashing out at breastfeeding meanies, and this did not come through to me at all in the original article.  Obviously taking their own bitterness out on the world.