Neck brace as an analogy

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Neck brace as an analogy
Mon, 08-13-2012 - 12:19pm

I am thinking that there are some analogies between neck braces and infant formula. Most people do not need neck braces, likewise most people can breastfeed. Some people need a neck brace, refuse to use it then end out with bigger problems. Likewise some small number of people will refuse formula until a baby is in considerable distress.

There is some stigma to wearing a neck brace, or feeding formula, but one can make the most of it, by, say, trying to make the neck brace stylish.

But sometimes, the style becomes the objective. In some rare cultures wearing neck rings is or was the in-thing. Likewise, a couple decades ago using formula was the in-thing. Like neck rings, using formula without a medical need can create some health issues. Like neck rings once you start using formula, you become dependent on it.

I don't think the formula ever reached the level of desirabillity that neck rings did, ie being immortalized in bronze, but I think it's a worthy analogy. How about you?