Need to put my $0.02 on the welfare thre

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Need to put my $0.02 on the welfare thre
Tue, 09-09-2003 - 10:06pm
There are too many posts and my son is finishing his before bed snack, so I don't have time to read through them all right now. I've read at least the 1st 30, though. I also didn't want my post to be lost since there are over 160 now.

I am thouroughly DISGUSTED with the complete and utter ignorance of the judgmental people I hear complaining about welfare! It is completely obvious that they don't know anything about the system when they make comments like "most welfare moms are on drugs" and they're "tired of people living on welfare" as their lifetime occupation. If these people would do a little research, they would find that MOST of the women on welfare, and I mean a large majority, have recently become single moms, usually b/c they finally left an abusive relationship and are not receiving any support. Also, your time on welfare is counted by the day and you cannot be on welfare past a certain amount of time. I think it depends on the state, and is usally a period of 2 years. And you have a number of days that counts for your lifetime. So you can't be on welfare for all of the allotted time, go off it and get back on later down the road. Once you've used up your days, your done for life. And do you think most young moms are on drugs? Sure, there is probably a slightly higher number of moms on welfare who are on drugs, just because there is a slightly higher incidence of drugs in poor people (actually, that is changing now, too. Drugs are becoming more of a middle class issue), but not enough to say "most" welfare moms are on drugs. Also, if the mom is a crackhead, she probably isn't capable of finding a job. ANd if you don't find a job or at least attend the job workshops and apply to a bunch of places, you're off welfare. ANd also, the kids would likely be taken away, and if you don't have kids, you don't get welfare.

Well, I have to give ds his bath and get him in bed. I'll post more later or tomorrow.

FTR, I agree with Christine about mandatory breastfeeding information classes. Most women on welfare are fairly uneducated and probably really don't know that breastfeeding is better for their child. I don't see anything wrong with educating people. The choice is still theirs, but I think they should be able to make an informed decision and have access to help if they decide to bf.