Organic Brown Rice Syrup: Arsenic?!

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Organic Brown Rice Syrup: Arsenic?!
Fri, 02-17-2012 - 7:31pm

​Arsenic is totally bad for you. Even if it doesn't kill you

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Sat, 02-18-2012 - 12:46pm

Interesting about the cancer. My grandmother used to give my mom (& her sisters) Spring Tonics that contained arsenic. My mom has scattered dark spots on her arms ("raindrop" pigmentation) that her doctor said are caused by the arsenic she consumed as a child.

My mom has had breast cancer, skin cancer, and now it has spread everywhere - brain, liver, lymph nodes, etc. She has lost her father and two sisters to cancer, and her remaining sister is also dying of cancer. I always wondered why there was so much cancer in her family - and perhaps this might be at least part of it?

With such a family history, I would be very concerned about any levels of asenic in formula if I had to use it for my children.