Professional Breastfeeding

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Professional Breastfeeding
Tue, 01-31-2012 - 9:58am

Milk-sharing has been making a comeback in recent years. Now, an AOL jobs article says that the professional wet nuse is the latest nursing trend.

Would you ever make breastfeeding your job?

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Tue, 01-31-2012 - 10:18am

You know, the idea really appeals to me, to get paid to nurse little babies - sounds like the perfect job! I would love to sign up! :D

But I am not so sure I could make it work. It would be so hard to leave behind the babies you have bonded so strongly with, and knowing I didn't share well with my own babies, I know I would have a hard time.

Having the child's mother tell me when and how I could and could not nurse the baby would cause problems as well - I know our ideas would conflict. Unless I could find a mom willing to give me free rein - and if I was the mother I would never do that...

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Tue, 01-31-2012 - 10:30am
I could kind of see it as a home daycare thing. I have my child, client drops off her baby at my house. Whenever a baby is hungry, I wouldn't have to bother with bottles of EBM, just nurse. After a few days my supply would probably catch up with demand. Heck, I could even try tandem nursing! Then mom picks up baby and nurses in the evening and weekend. I would be a DCP with a meal plan :-).

I couldn't see the live in thing though. I'd miss my DD and wouldn't be able to nurse her. Oh and I'd miss DH too I guess lol.
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Tue, 01-31-2012 - 11:07am

I definitely couldn't do breastfeeding as my job:

1. I don't even bf full-time with my own DD (I work and pump).

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Wed, 02-01-2012 - 9:18pm
I not entire opposed to the idea exactly but i have some reservations though. I don't think i would be OK with live-in wet nursing. I would be concerned about strongly bonding with a baby that was not my own that i would eventually be separated from once the baby was no longer nursing. It would also be a problem if the babies mother put unfair or unworkable restriction in how could nurse such Baby-wise style scheduling. There might be circumstances where I would b willing to put aside my reservations say in an emergency where a mom could not nurse her own baby, had no access to safe properly prepared formula, or no one else willing to act as a wet-nurse. Though under those circumstances I might be willing to do for free rather then as paid profession. I don't see myself as having the same issues with part time wet nursing though. For example, if I was running a daycare and a mother wanted me to nurse the baby instead of providing pumped milk (or to supplement the EBM bottles when needed). Under those circumstances maybe I think would be more OK with it though.