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The Ugly
Wed, 08-08-2012 - 5:31pm

 The Ugly


The Fearless Formula Feeder alleges that her mission is to support women who formula feed. She claims to be pro-breastfeeding. Sadly, any good work she does is jaded by her very biased anti-Lactivist sentiments.


She believes that the average Lactivist is mean, stupid and totally lacking in compassion.


She denies that Lactivists are already helping “women work through them without too much emotional duress on their parts” and admonishes them that “no new mother needs additional stress”.


She advises Lactivists to “stop living in denial “ and start using evidence based practices.


She believes Lactivists steal “those precious first day/weeks/months of motherhood” “by a tornado of judgment, fear and expectation.”


And that Lactivists are “allowing our society to put responsibility for the health of the nation onto the already overloaded shoulders of women”


She alleges that Lactivists believe women lie about “insufficient supply, latching issues, pain, and allergic reactions to human milk”.


She states that to a Lactivist “formula is risky” is a “meme” akin to saying that “breastfeeding makes you a perfect mother”.


She believes that Lactivists stoop to using overstated scare tactics to such an extent that women “and even children” are harmed by the rhetoric.


She believes that Lactivists are failing to promote the joys of breastfeeding and instead are treating it “like going to the dentist.“


She believes that Lactivists fail to respect women and their choices.


She believes that Lactivsts fail to differentiate between choosing formula for a “seemingly trivial” reasons “like a fear of not being able to return to eating nothing but SlimFast and Diet Coke” and choosing formula for very “significant reasons” such as recovering from anorexia? “


She thinks Lactivists are not coming “clean about the realities would help keep women breastfeeding” because They think it will “scare them off it”.


She refuses to see that Lactivists are one in the same as the “friends” who offer “tremendous support , who had similar struggles, and were open about it”, and help women push through and “enjoy the short time she has with her baby”


Sadly, there is even more ugliness in the Breastfeeding is Worth It blog. What a waste that the FFF talents are spent barking up the wrong tree.