Well, it was bound to happen........

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Well, it was bound to happen........
Thu, 04-24-2003 - 10:51am
<<<"It couldn’t be long before genetic engineering found its way into breast milk manufacture, and 12 cows in Virginia, USA, have been genetically engineered to produce a human breast milk protein. The resultant milk may also carry the Holy Grail of formula – some antibodies. Although how these would survive the three- or four-year shelf life of the average formula is hard to understand. Besides, the idea of ‘Frankencows’ will be a difficult psychological image for marketers to sell to anxious parents.">>>

Does this bother anyone?? Is this some fantastic step forward for the formula industry??

Did you all know that the DHA/ARA that comes in infant formula is made from fish eyeballs. Does that sit well with you?? It doesn't bother me at all but was wondering about everyone else.

Also, I just read where it is thought that infant formula is now the WORLD'S most scrutinized food.



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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 1:06pm
It bothers me a lot that we are tampering so much with nature. The fish eyeball stuff bothers me, the cows producing "human milk" (-sic) bothers me...if they can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it won't be harmful to ANY human before putting it on the shelves for the general public (ie ONLY feed it to babies who would otherwise die, if they didn't have it, b/c they COULDN'T get fed any other way), I wouldn't mind. But as it is, I see it as a huge uncontrolled study on mankind...on our future, our children and our lives.

I see formula as an intervention. And as such, as medication. How many other medications are mixed up as per what the drug company "thinks" will work and handed out like candy without spending months upon months in clinical trials whereby, if they are dangerous drugs (ie drugs that have serious side effects like a 26% higher chance of diabetes later in life, for instance!), they are only used on people who would otherwise die without them? Since 99% of the time there IS another option to using formula (it's called human milk, from the mom's own breast), I just don't see how they can get away with this practice and not admit that they are in essence, treating our kids like guinea pigs and mice. :-(


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Mon, 04-28-2003 - 5:42pm
Shouldn't infant formula be the most scrutinized food? Since its replacing "what nature intended," I do think it should.

Yes, I find it disturbing. Though, not surprising...think about how many genetically altered foods we can be subjected to, this isn't very different.

The "fish eyeballs" don't bother me, but then again, I've never given my child formula. I would hope it doesn't come from any breeds that are considered harbingers of mercury (something else to worry about...)