What would your baby say?

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What would your baby say?
Wed, 08-18-2010 - 2:43pm

I was reading the following article and thought perhaps a good topic would be to ask what you think your baby would say?

Whether you BF, EP, working & pumping, Tube-fed, Combo-fed or FF? - what do you think your baby would say about any of the above methods - if he or she could talk?

__Babies Speak Out For Breastfeeding__

=> I have fewer colds.
=> I have fewer upper respiratory infections.
=> I have a much better chance of not getting diabetes.
=> I am a breastfeeding girl which means I have greater protection against breast cancer (and so does my mother).
=> I have greater protection against digestive problems such as Crohn's disease and Celiac's disease.
=> I am a preemie and my mother's milk helps keep me from getting a serious illness called NEC or Necrotizing Enterocolitis, which can be fatal.
=> My mother's milk matches 50% of my genetic material.
=> The scientist, Dr. Mark Cregan, in Australia says many of the ways that breastmilk protects me may not be obvious until I am 30 years old or older.
=> My grandmother wishes she had known about these benefits when she had my mother.

Source: http://www.thenewbornbaby.com/testimonials-of-Breastfeeding-Mothers/baby-talk/

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~*~ Catherine, mom to three grown men - Jason, Michael & Joshua and Granma to Christopher & Leia.

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Wed, 08-18-2010 - 3:52pm

I don't really think my baby has the capacity to understand the science of BFing, so I think she would have said something along the lines of the following:

While I was nursing with tongue tie: "Why can't I keep a hold on this thing? And how come hardly anything is coming out? I'm frustrated and hungry."

While I was EPing: "Mmmm...food.". "GET AWAY from that stupid machine, pick me up, and walk around the house with me like you know I like. Until then, I'll just lie here and scream."

While I was FFing: "Why does this taste so strong and yucky compared to what I was eating before? Oh well, I'm hungry, and that's what's here."

She may have more sophisticated opinions when she gets older.

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Wed, 08-18-2010 - 6:10pm

I know what I would say to the doctor who told my mom she had "bad milk" if I could go back in a time capsule and speak to him, and it would be very educational and scientific. If I could go back in time to my birth I'd tell my mom not to listen to that doctor. If I could talk to her after she was ff'ing I'd tell her ff'ing me was fine, but the doctor was full of it so go ahead and try to bf'd my sister when she has her.

I've talked to my ODD about her having been bf'd, she doesn't think much of it at this stage in life. I can't imagine that'd be different if she was a baby and could talk. If I could ask the twins, they probably would not be fans of the tube feeding, because really, who would. But they'd also probably rather have that than not eating. I think they were happy with bf'ing and happy with bottlefeeding, so I wouldn't expect much comment there. I really can't imagine much more than a "sounds like you did your best mom."

If I could explain it to them I'd explain I fought so hard to bf'd the twins because of the history of immune problems in our family, but I certainly don't blame my immune disorder on having been ff'd, so I would not really expect a "thank goodness you lowered my risk!" YDD has an immune disease already, so there's that.

The only thing I really hope comes of it is that by having been bf'd, or having seen bf'ing, my children and stepchildren go onto nurse their own children, or support their wives in nursing their children. That would be comment enough.

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