Why do we HAVE TO have a choice?

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Why do we HAVE TO have a choice?
Sun, 09-16-2012 - 5:53pm

It is important to provide an reasonable option for the babies unable to receive breast milk - but why do we HAVE TO have a choice?

A new probiotics is being made from the feces of a 3 day old male breastfed infant. This is owned by Mead Johnson and called, "Probiotic infant products," patent #8137718 filed in 2008. Is this really something we should choose?

Formula has been a risky experiment since it was first invented, and our babies are the guinea pigs. If this year's formula experiment fails, our babies suffer. If the scientists overlook an important ingredient, our babies suffer. If the manufacturers make a mistake, our babies suffer. If they cut corners or use unsafe ingredients, our babies suffer. If the stores or warehouses doesn't store the formula properly, our babies suffer.

Breastfeeding in many people's minds is just a life-style choice with some added benefits. Those added benefits are constantly disputed in the press so the public is kept in the dark about the riskiness of infant formula and how breastfeeding safeguards an infant from disease. There is constant talk about breastfeeding being the "preferred method of feeding" but that is coupled with statements that some moms can't or won't breastfeed. Very little discussion goes into why moms can't or won't breastfeed. Instead the talk is that moms have to have "choice."

And moms sure have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing an infant formula. Every year there is something new or improved in the formulations. Why? Because the industry finds out that last year's new and improved doesn't work well or it actually made infants sicker or in fact killed them. We are relieved to know that most babies don't die from infant formula in the USA, just a few. But the reality is we don't study this issue at all. An industry might take offense to such an endeavor. And heaven forbid we get that industry upset because after all they make billions of dollars a year. And the US Government is invested in the making of infant formula.

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