Why, next time, I won't breastfeed

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Why, next time, I won't breastfeed
Tue, 08-13-2013 - 11:56am

Explaining why, next time, I won't breastfeed

Let me say it: Next time, I’d skip it.

Next time I won’t breastfeed because it sets up a gendered division of who does what early into parenting. It provides an infrastructure for an unequal distribution of the work (and rewards) of parenting.

The burdens of breastfeedingare real and considerable including the restraints to women’s spatial mobility and time. But the other part no one every talks about is that breastfeeding also consolidates pre-existing biological tendencies that privilege the breastfeeding parent.

Breastfeeding is a burden, but it’s also a power trip. Breastfeeding sets up the breastfeeder as the expert, the authority and the primary parent in the life of the breastfed baby.

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