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***In Living Color!

See moving video interviews with truly inspirational women (not to be name droppers but, Maria Shriver, Elle Macpherson, Martha Stewart, Sharon Rocha, Anna Quindlen and Suze Orman...) Then hear about some iVillagers who inspire us. Do you have someone who has motivated you to be a better person? We want to hear about her, too.

***Stuff We Love: Minimizers

Fight minor figure flaws with today's shapewear. Our favorites combine fashion with function - and throw in a bit of panache, so you can feel as great as you look!,,9qp50rjm,00.html

*** Daily Indulgence - Easy treats, delightful ideas, little luxuries just for Moms

When you're constantly splurging on goodies for baby or buying the kids the latest gizmo, it's easy to forget about you. Discover simple ways to pamper yourself!,,indulgence_90938k88,00.html

***Hollywood's Hottest May-December Celebrity Couples

We tip our hat to those celeb couples who took a chance on love despite the age obstacle and are still together to tell the story. Proof that age really is just a number!,,9pzhp8w9,00.html

***Real Organizing For Real People with Jamie Novak

Wish you could be more organized? Are you longing for an inviting home you’d be proud to show off to guests? Clearing clutter can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. Join expert Jamie Novak for quick and simple clutter solutions that will work for everyone.

***Get Your Zzzs Community Challenge®

Drawing on our experts’ combined 45 years of research and clinical experience in sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School, this challenge offers you scientifically proven solutions to improve your energy, joy, optimism, ability to cope with stress, and health through good sleep.

***Food & Fitness Tracker

Track your daily meals, workouts, and journal your progress with this handy tool!,,7v4xvc8r,00.html

***Cosmo Quiz: Are You Drawn to Drama?

Do you turn any situation into a soap opera or do you downplay everything? Find out.