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***Prepping Your Child for Summer Camp

Looking to make your child's summer camp experience a success? While much of that fate lies in the hands of the camp staff, there are things parents can do to help their kids transition smoothly. Here are suggestions from the mouths of camp counselors, experienced moms and the true experts — kids who've been there and done that!,,98njp8pj,00.html

***When Will You Get the New Cervical Cancer Vaccine?

The FDA approved a new vaccine to protect against cervical cancer, the second most common malignant disease in women worldwide. The vaccines provide protection against certain strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that is behind 70 percent of all cervical cancers. Though it will be initially targeted for teens and young women, the vaccine can protect women of all ages.,,wbnews_991jnwxv,00.html

***Jump Rope Your Way to Total Body Fitness

Jumping rope can be one of the fiercest fitness experiences you'll ever have. It's a supereffective way to burn fat, increase stamina, improve coordination and firm muscles. It's a speedy calorie burner too — you can burn more than 200 calories in just 20 minutes, as much as running a 10-minute mile but with half the impact on your knees and ankles!,,neporent_9920rzkp,00.html

****Easy Living: Luxury-Style Outdoor Rooms for Less

A luxury-style room is easy to create and personalize — with a few budget decorating ideas under your belt. Advice from the pros for some rules to live (outdoors!) by.,,98nq5p1p,00.html

****Just Married?

Check out some advice from other iVillagers for Getting Along with the

Family You Married Into!,,808,00.html

***Let's Give the Boys a Hand! Stuff We Love: Men's Skin Care

Grooming products and men can go hand and hand, if you introduce him to the right ones! Here are 7 of our favorites every man should use.,,98nvxg3r,00.html

***My Fair Brady: We're Getting Married

Are former child actor Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady from The Brady Bunch) and America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry in it for the long haul?,,tvland_991f9gsz,00.html

***Buying Something New?

Before you shell out big bucks for new products, take the time to be sure you have Consumer Smarts! Check out what other iVillagers are saying about the products that you're thinking about buying on Consumer Reviews

***Cosmo's Guide to Milking Summer

Tank-top-and-margarita season is only three months long, which is why you should juice every moment to the max...,,284420_695306,00.html

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