December Holidays

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December Holidays
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December 1st is...

- also known as the Festival of Lights is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BCE, Hanukkah is observed for eight nights, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar.

World AIDS Awareness Day
- In 1988 the World Health Organization of the UN declared Dec 1 as World AIDS Day, an international day of awareness and education about AIDS. The WHO is the leader in global direction and coordination of AIDS prevention, control, research and education. A program called UN-AIDS was created to bring together the skills and expertise of the World Bank, UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNFPA and the WHO to strengthen and expand national capacities to respond to the pandemic.

National Pie Day
- a special day that is set aside to bake and cook all of your favorite pies. On this day, you are also encouraged to bake a few new pie recipes. And most importantly, it's a day to eat pies! A great way to celebrate is to bake some pies and give them away to friends, neighbors, and relatives. You never know, you may be starting a tradition of pie giving between your friends and family.

National Eat a Red Apple Day
- It is really easy to participate in this special day. There are thousands of varieties of apples grown all over the planet. Your mission today, is to pick an apple among all of these varieties, and eat it. Just make sure it's a red apple!

Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day
- Our hearts fill with compassion today for coworkers stuck wearing bifocals at the computer. Shed a tear as their heads bob up and down, in and out, trying to read the monitor, trying to decide which set of lenses to use.

Day With(out) Art Day
- An annual observance about the impact of AIDS on the visual arts. Events to increase public awareness through the visual arts and direct services to artists living with HIV/AIDS.

Special Kids Day
- began as a holiday event for children with special needs and their families to visit Santa Claus without obstacles. Dedicated to providing celebratory events for children with disabilities and their families in environments designed to accommodate their special needs.

Rosa Parks Day
- Anniversary of the arrest of Rosa Parks, at Montgomery, AL, in 1955 for refusing to give up her seat and move to the back of a municipal bus. Her arrest triggered a year long boycott of the city bus system and led to legal actions that ended racial segregation on municipal buses throughout the southern US. The event has been called the birth of the modern civil rights movement.

Phony Smile Day
- Are you going to celebrate this one? Do you give a fake smile when you are unhappy?

Basketball Created
- James Nai-smith was a teacher of physical education at the International YMCA Training School at Springfield, MA in 1891. To create an indoor sport that could be played during the winter months, he nailed up peach baskets at opposite ends of the gym and gave students soccer balls to toss into them. Thus was born the game of basketball.

Playboy First Published
- an American men's magazine that features photographs of nude women as well as journalism and fiction. It was founded in Chicago in 1953 by Hugh Hefner and his associates, and funded in part by a $1,000 loan from Hefner's mother.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree: Annual Lighting
- Lighting of the huge Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center signals the opening of the holiday season at New York City. More than 30,000 lights are strung on five miles of electric wire. In 1933 the first formal tree lighting ceremony took place with 700 lights.



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December 2nd is...

December.jpgScience Fiction Day
- a day to celebrate everything science fiction! Enjoy a day of science fiction fun- such as watching science fiction movies, watching history on UFO's and even having some classroom fun by having a science fiction day at school. Make yourself aware of the possibilities of space, our universe and the idea of aliens.

National Fritters Day
- This holiday is about making and enjoying homemade fritters! Fritters are popular all over the world and come in many different flavors. The photo above is a crispy dessert apple fritter, but you can make you own homemade savory fritters too!

Coats for Kids Day
- an annual community project that collects and distributes warm winter coats to eligible children and teenagers.

Special Education Day
- Celebrate the anniversary of the first US special education law—Dec 2, 1975. take the day to honor progress and celebrate students with disabilities--and their parents, teachers and schools. And, we dialogue and plan for the future for all students in our schools and for appropriate reforms.

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery Day
- Recalls the date of adoption by the General Assembly in 1949 of the Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and the Exploitation of Others. To remind people that modern slavery works against human rights. The day also encourages people to put meaning to the words of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that “no one shall be held in slavery or servitude” through their actions.

Have-a-Heart Day
- The goal of this celebration of life is to create a new consciousness concerning the impact of our food choices on the environment, world hunger, animal welfare and human health—especially heart health. Vegetarian diets increase longevity and help prevent—and even reverse—heart disease.

I Dream of Jeannie Wedding Day 1969
- Major Nelson and Jeannie finally get married, with Major Healey as best man — but not without problems: Jeannie's image can't be photographed!

Play Basketball Day
- Shoot, throw and pass, dunk and have fun with all those around you. Catch up with your pals/loved ones who love the game or enjoy playing

Safety Razor Patented
- American King Camp Gillette designed the first razor with disposable blades in 1901. Up until this time, men shaved with a straight-edge razor that they sharpened on a leather strap.

Artificial Heart Transplant
- Barney C. Clark, 61, became the first recipient of a permanent artificial heart in 1982. The operation was performed at the University of Utah Medical Center at Salt Lake City. Near death at the time of the operation, Clark survived almost 112 days after the implantation.

First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Chain Reaction
- Physicist Enrico Fermi led a team of scientists in 1942 at the University of Chicago in producing the first controlled, self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. Their first simple nuclear reactor was built under the stands of the University’s football stadium.


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December 3rd is...

December.jpgNational Roof Over Your Head Day
- a day of appreciation for the things we have, starting with the roof over our heads. A roof over our head usually signifies living in a house that protects us from the elements, keeping us warm, dry, and cozy. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as you and I. There are many homeless people right here in our country. There are millions of people around the world who live in poverty or disaster areas, and do not have a home to keep them comfortable and safe.

Make a Gift Day
- When a person takes the time to make a gift, they put their heart and soul into that gift, therefore the gift becomes more meaningful. This holiday is a great day to promote the idea of making gifts and remind everyone to find those crafty and artistic abilities that we have and make a gift for someone.

International Day of Disabled Persons
- On Oct 14, 1992 (Res 47/3), at the end of the Decade of Disabled Persons, the General Assembly proclaimed Dec 3 to be an annual observance to promote the continuation of integrating the disabled into general society.

Let's Hug Day
- Give a great big hug to all your family and friends and share if you dare the best hug you have ever received and why it was so special!

Neon Lighting Birthday
- Neon lighting is created by brightly glowing, electrified glass tubes or bulbs that contain rarefied neon or other gases. Georges Claude, a French engineer and inventor, presented neon tube lighting in essentially its modern form at the Paris Motor Show from December 3–18, 1910

Telescope Birthday
- The word "telescope" was coined in 1611 by the Greek mathematician Giovanni Demisiani for one of Galileo Galilei's instruments presented at a banquet at the Accademia dei Lincei. In the Starry Messenger Galileo had used the term "perspicillum".

A Streetcar Named Desire Broadway Opening
- Tennessee Williams’s drama opened on Broadway at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in 1947 with Jessica Tandy (as Blanche Du Bois) and newcomer Marlon Brando (as Stanley Kowalski). Williams was already a Broadway star with his first play, Glass Menagerie, and Streetcar was to be equally successful: it ran for two years and won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.


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December 4th is...

December.jpgRibbons and Wrap Day
- Have you started wrapping your gifts yet? Buy your wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbon, and tape today. Or bring home a few rolls of plain brown paper and let your kids decorate them with potato prints, stickers, or glue and glitter!

National Cookie Day
- for honoring and enjoying the sweet flavor of cookies and sharing them with friends and family. A day to sit down with a tall cold glass of milk or hot coffee, a large plate of fresh cookies, and have no guilt at eating them all up.

Santa's List Day
- Have you been good all year? Have you been Naughty? Or, have you been nice? Santa knows.

National Dice Day
- A day for everyone to enjoy playing the game of dice. You could also celebrate by playing your favorite role-playing game, or maybe just Monopoly! And if you're superstitious, don't forget to blow on the dice for good luck!

Wear Brown Shoes Day
- dust off that seldom worn pair of brown shoes, and put them on your feet. Brown boots, loafers, or any other brown colored footwear will do. Oh, and wear brown socks to match.

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day
- set aside to celebrate those teams that consistently work extraordinarily well together to produce significant results for their companies or organizations.

Skywarn Recognition Day
- developed in 1999 by the National Weather Service and the American Radio Relay League. It celebrates the contributions that volunteer SKYWARNTM radio operators make to the National Weather Service. During the day SKYWARNTM operators visit NWS offices and contact other radio operators across the world.

Day of the Artisans
- A day to honor all of those who work for a living.

Manila Paper Birthday
- Manila paper (made from sails, canvas & rope) was patented in Mass. in 1845

National Grange Birthday
- The anniversary of the National Grange, the first organized agricultural movement in the US in 1786 - to unite private citizens in improving the economic and social position of the nation's farm population. The National Grange is the nation's oldest national agricultural organization, with grassroots units established in 2,700 local communities in 40 states.

Coats and Toys for Kids Day
- Charity drive and live television broadcast from seven locations across Maine. More than 12,000 new and gently used children’s winter coats and new, unwrapped toys are collected in a giant one-day pep rally. The holiday campaign collects more than 40,000 coats annually.

"Falcon Crest" TV Premiere
- This 1981 nighttime serial was set in California wine country and originally focused on Angela Channing’s determined efforts to gain control of the Falcon Crest vineyard and winery; later in the nine-year run the emphasis turned to crime.

Saint Barbara's Day
- On this day, traditionally the feast day of St. Barbara, a young girl places a twig from a cherry tree in a glass of water. If it blooms by Christmas Eve, she is certain to marry the following year. Because the narratives of her life and martyrdom are legendary, St. Barbara was dropped from the Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints in 1970.


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December 5th is...

December.jpgInternational Ninja Day
- Plague your co-workers with ninja-ness and wear a ninja mask to work! Got the day off? Run wild in the streets, or dress like a ninja at the mall! Just show the world that YOU ARE NINJA!

Bathtub Party Day
- Almost everyone nowadays takes showers, so here’s a day to recall some of the warm-water luxury of days gone by. Draw yourself a tub full of warm water. Add a few bath oil beads, and Voila! You're ready to hop in and soak in the bathtub. Ahh, how soothing and relaxing!

National Sacher Torte Day
- Sachertorte is a chocolate cake, invented by Franz Sacher in 1832 for Klemens Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna, Austria. It is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties. Has anyone ever had one?

Blue Jeans Day
- celebrate by wearing blue jeans all day long. Initially, blue jeans were simply sturdy trousers worn by workers, especially in the factories during World War II. Today, jeans are a very popular form of casual dress around the world and come in many styles and colors, with the "blue jeans" particularly identified with the American culture, especially the American Old West.

"The Abbott and Costello Show" TV Premiere
- Bud Abbott and Lou Costello made 52 half-hour films for television incorporating many of their best burlesque routines. The show ran for two seasons, until 1954.

Haiti - Discovery Day
- Commemorates the discovery of Haiti by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Columbus' first sighting of the island of Hispaniola was along the northwest coast which is now the nation of Haiti.

Walt Disney's Birthday
- Walter Elias "Walt" Disney (December 5, 1901 – December 15, 1966) was an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon, and philanthropist. Disney is famous for his influence in the field of entertainment during the 20th century.

International Volunteer Day for Economic & Social Development
- recognizing the desirability of encouraging the work of all volunteers. A day commemorating the establishment in December 1970 of the UN Volunteers program and inviting world recognition of volunteerism in the international development movement.

- The American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations joined together in 1955, following 20 years of rivalry, to become the nation’s leading advocate for trade unions.

Bicycle Riding Day
- Bicycle riding is both a fun and functional form of exercise. Typical exercise regimes, like going to the gym, usually require time be set aside. Bicycle riding is a healthy activity that easily fits into the normal rhythms of daily life. Need milk? Hop on your bike and ride. Meeting friends for lunch? Avoid the traffic jams and packed public transport by riding a bicycle instead.

Folding Theater Chair Birthday
- Aaron Allen of Boston patented the folding theater chair in 1854. Celebrate by going to the movies and rocking in a chair. Don't forget the popcorn!

National Communicate with Your Baby Day
- Between birth and the age of two, your baby is experiencing most of its brain development. As your little one babbles and smiles, he or she is on the road to developing their first conversation and language skills. It is also a time where communicating with your child can help build security and self-esteem.

Play Hookey Day
- This is the day when people are supposed to play hooky from work and go shopping. Since it's Sunday, maybe it's a day to play hookey from what you normally do and do something different?


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December 6th is...

December.jpgSaint Nicholas Day
- Traditional celebrations of Saint Nicholas Day in Northern Europe included gifts left in children's shoes (the origin of our American Christmas stockings). Good children receive treats - candies, cookies, apples and nuts, while naughty children receive switches or lumps of coal. Sometimes coins were left in the shoes, reminiscent of the the life-saving dowries the saint provided. Today - especially in families of German extraction - children still put a shoe outside their bedroom doors on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day, and expect to find candy and coins or small gifts in their shoe on December 6th.

National Gazpacho Day
- Gazpacho is a classic Spanish vegetable soup consumed mostly during the summer months because of its refreshingly cold qualities. This tasty dish combines the best of summer vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions.

Miner's Day
- In appreciation, honor and remembrance of the accomplishments and sacrifices of miners in the state of West Virginia. To provide a sober reminder of the risks that miners are routinely exposed to in their work and to set aside some time on this day for quiet contemplation to honor those brave miners who have perished in our mines.

National Pawnbrokers Day
- Celebrated on St. Nicholas Day, the patron saint of pawnbroking. Designed to acknowledge the valuable lending and retail services the pawnbroker provides his or her clientele.

Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution Ratified
- The 13th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, abolishing slavery in the US. “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, save as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Destroyed
- More than 1,650 people were killed at Halifax in 1917, when the Norwegian ship Imo plowed into the French munitions ship Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc was loaded with 4,000 tons of TNT, 2,300 tons of picric acid, 61 tons of other explosives and a deck of highly flammable benzene, which ignited and touched off an explosion. In addition to those killed, 9,000 were injured. A tidal wave caused by the explosion washed much of the city out to sea.

Put on your own shoes day
- Perhaps this day was created by young mothers teaching their children how to put their shoes on for the first time!? Put on your own shoes could also mean to "walk your own path in life".

Mitten Tree Day
- One day the kids with everything put their hats and mitts on the tree so the less fortunate could play. Some churches and organizations have mitten trees so that you can donate mittens to those without.


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December 7th is...

December.jpgPearl Harbor Remembrance Day
- At 7:55 am (local time) Dec 7, 1941, “a date that will live in infamy,” nearly 200 Japanese aircraft attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, long considered the US “Gibraltar of the Pacific.” The raid, which lasted little more than one hour, left nearly 3,000 dead. Nearly the entire US Pacific Fleet was at anchor there and few ships escaped damage. Several were sunk or disabled, while 200 US aircraft on the ground were destroyed. The attack on Pearl Harbor brought about immediate US entry into WWII, a declaration of war being requested by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and approved by the Congress Dec 8, 1941.

Cotton Candy Day
- Cotton Candy was originally called fairy floss. It is made from Floss (or Flossine) sugar. The Cotton Candy machine was patented in 1899 by William Morrison and John C. Wharton. They brought it to the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904, where is was quite popular. Cotton Candy is a favorite at amusement parks, circuses, fairs, and sports venues.

Letter-Writing Day
- Letter writing is an almost lost skill. Most letters and notes nowadays, are on emails and instant messages. Or, they are typed on an internet keyboard. Take a few minutes, and send someone a hand written letter.

Islamic New Year
- Islamic calendar date: Muharram 1, 1432. The first day of the first month of the Islamic calendar. Different methods for “anticipating” the visibility of the new moon crescent at Mecca are used by different groups. US date may vary. Began at sunset the preceding day.

Apollo 17 Anniversary
- Launched December 7, 1972 with three-man crew—Eugene A. Cernan, Harrison H. Schmidt, Ronald E. Evans—who explored the moon, Dec 11–14. Lunar landing module named Challenger. Pacific splashdown, Dec 19. This was the last manned mission to the moon.

Marshmallow Peeps Day
- Peeps are marshmallow candies, sold in the US and Canada, that are shaped into chicks, bunnies, and other animals. There are also different shapes used for various holidays. Peeps are produced by Just Born, a candy manufacturer based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Peeps were introduced in 1952 by Russian immigrant, Sam Born.

International Civil Aviation Day
- to raise awareness of the importance of international civil aviation and the role that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) plays in international air transport. The organization is a United Nations (UN) body responsible for developing international standards for aviation safety.

Microwave Oven Birthday
- During the war, Percy Spencer took home one of the super-secret magnetrons, and figured out a new manufacturing process that cut manufacturing time to a mere fraction of what it was AND improved the power efficiency. Just after the war, in 1942, Percy Spencer was still working with magnetrons when he noticed that a chocolate bar in his pocket melted when he walked in front of the magnetron. After a bunch of experiments, he found that popcorn popped! Eggs exploded! You guessed it, Percy Spencer had invented the microwave oven.

National Fire Safety Day
- The National Fire Safety Council was formed in 1979 to encourage education and the prevention of burns, especially among children. With ovens cooking, tree-lights kept on, candles, children, pets and Aunt Bertha sleeping with a ciggy hangin out of her mouth; we can't watch it all. Take a look around your home and/or office and make it a safety zone. At home, make sure you have an multiple exit strategies for all people and animals in your home. If you hear a fire alarm from a neighbors house take the extra minute, to knock on the door, to ask if everything is OK. Most of the time it will be... but.... what if you were needed?

Instant Replay Day
- On December 7, 1963 TV and sports history was made when the first ‘instant replay’ ever seen on the air was broadcast during the Army-Navy game. The creator was 29-year-old ‘wunderkind’ CBS television director Tony Verna, whose illustrious show-business career has spanned over 50 years of Sport and Entertainment history.


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December 8th is...

December.jpgJohn Lennon Shot (30th Anniversary)
- On this date deranged gunman Mark David Chapman shot and killed rock star John Lennon in 1980, outside his apartment building as he returned from a recording session. The death of the former Beatle, who was an international peace activist, shocked the world.

National Brownie Day
- celebrates chocolatey, chewy brownies. It's fun and easy to enjoy this special day. First, select your favorite brownie recipe, and bake a batch of brownies. You can add nuts, if you prefer. Topping the brownies with chocolate frosting is a good idea, too. Finally, eat them! You can have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack.

Take it in the Ear Day
- I have no idea what this day means, who invented it, or what we are supposed to do to celebrate. Perhaps, someone created it because they were having a rough day. Or, maybe, just maybe, the word ear was misspelled. (We won't go there)

Bad Hair Day
- A day on which one's hair seems unmanageable. Also extended to mean a day when everything seems to go wrong. Originated in the 1992 movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Winter Flowers Day
- Winter is here to stay...and Winter Flowers Day is yet another reason to herald in the spirit of winter and share it's magic with your loved ones. So, soak up the fragrance of the season and make sure that every moment will be timeless and full of joy!

America Enters World War II
- One day after the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Congress declared war against Japan and the US entered WWII in 1941.

Sammy Davis, Jr (85th Birth Anniversary)
- Born at New York, NY, Sammy Davis, Jr, was the son of vaudevillians and first appeared on the stage at the age of four. He made his first film appearance in Rufus Jones for President in 1931.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception
- In the Constitution Ineffabilis Deus of 8 December, 1854, Pius IX pronounced and defined that the Blessed Virgin Mary "in the first instance of her conception, by a singular privilege and grace granted by God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the human race, was preserved exempt from all stain of original sin."

First Step Toward a Nuclear-Free World
- The former Soviet Union and the US signed a treaty at Washington in 1987 eliminating medium-range and shorter-range missiles. This was the first treaty completely eliminating two entire classes of nuclear arms. These missiles, with a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometers, were to be scrapped under strict supervision within three years of the signing.

Jim Morrison
- Born at Melbourne, FL in 1943. Songwriter, poet, lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison is considered to be one of the fathers of contemporary rock. The bacchic Morrison, known as “The Lizard King,” brought avant-garde theatrics to his musical performances and mystical influences to his songs.


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December 9th is...

December.jpgChristmas Card Day
- honors Sir Henry Cole (1818 - 1874) of England. Cole created the first commercial Christmas Card in 1843. Just a few decades ago, sending Christmas cards through the mail was a holiday "must". Will you be sending out Christmas cards this year?

Day of the Horse
- the brainchild of two Woodside horse lovers who wanted to bring the community together in support of the horse, is a chance to pay tribute to our equine friends with a day of fun and festivities.

International Anti-corruption Day
- On Oct 31, 2003, the General Assembly adopted the United Nations Convention against Corruption (Res 58/4) and designated Dec 9 as International Anti-Corruption Day, to raise awareness of corruption and of the role of the Convention in combating and preventing it.

Weary Willie Day
- This day is named for Emmett Kelly's clown character Willie, who was born on this date in 1898. Today is meant to appreciate the art of clowning and the importance it plays in our lives. So use today to learn some clown skills, maybe juggling or at the very least get some big shoes, put a flower in your pocket and wear a really big red nose!

National Pastry Day
- a fun day created to encourage you to make, and of course eat, your favorite pastries. On this day, well known pastry chefs put on a show, making and displaying their finest creations.

Ball-Bearing Roller Skates Patented
- Steel ball bearings for wheels were patented in 1884. In 1898 the Richardson Ball Bearing and Skate company went into production. The design of the quad skate has changed very little since that time.

First Christmas Seals Issued
- The first tuberculosis Christmas Seal was Denmark 1904, conceived by Danish postal worker Einar Holboll. Sweden and Iceland, issued Christmas Seals the same year. America was not far behind. In 1907 Emily Bissell was responsible for designing, and with the help of Philadelphia newspaperman Leigh Mitchell Hodges, promoting the first U.S. National Christmas Seal.

America's First Formal Cremation
- The first formal cremation of a human body in America took place near Charleston, SC. Henry Laurens, Colonial statesman and signer of the Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War, in his will provided: “I do solemnly enjoin it on my son, as an indispensable duty, that as soon as he conveniently can, after my decease, he cause my body to be wrapped in twelve yards of tow cloth and burned until it be entirely consumed, and then, collecting my bones, deposit them wherever he may think proper.” Laurens died Dec 8, 1792, at his plantation and was cremated there.

"Coronation Street" TV Premiere (50th Anniversary)
- One of the UK’s longest running television series, “Coronation Street” depicts the working class denizens of a neighborhood in Manchester, England. Created by Tony Warren, this soap is a cultural touchstone, and show story lines have been reported on the news


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December 10th is...

December.jpgNational Salesperson's Day
- Salespeople are essential resources for customers today. The talented salesperson filters the vast amount of information that is available to customers and helps businesspeople make the best purchasing decisions. Sales-people also help consumers make better, quicker decisions with the counsel they offer.

National Lager Day
- To celebrate, head to your favorite pub and enjoy a refreshing brew of your favorite lager or try brewing your own! Lager yeast first emerged in the Holy Roman Empire due to a spontaneous mutation or hybridization effect. As a new variety of beer, it often had to be produced outside city walls because it faced opposition from the Catholic Church.

Dewey Decimal System Day
- The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC, also called the Dewey Decimal System) is a proprietary system of library classification developed by Melvil Dewey in 1876; it has been greatly modified and expanded through 22 major revisions, the most recent in 2003. This system organizes books on library shelves in a specific and repeatable order that makes it easy to find any book and return it to its proper place. The system is used in 200,000 libraries in at least 135 countries.

Human Right's Day
- On this daty in 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Celebrated to promote the universal human right: to live and to do so peacefully. Some of the world's occupants have this right suppressed [e.g. the right to equality]. This day was declared to raise awareness of human rights and of those who are deprived of these rights.

Nobel Peace Prize Day
- The Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, currently Thorbjørn Jagland, presents the Nobel Peace Prize in the presence of the King of Norway on December 10 each year (the anniversary of Nobel's death). The Peace Prize is the only Nobel Prize not presented in Stockholm. The Nobel laureate receives a diploma, a medal and a document confirming the prize amount.

Emily Dickinson's Birthday
- One of America’s greatest poets, Emily Dickinson was born at Amherst, MA in 1830. She was reclusive, mysterious and frail in health. Seven of her poems were published during her life, but after her death her sister, Lavinia, discovered almost 2,000 more poems written on the backs of envelopes and other scraps of paper locked in her bureau. They were published gradually, over 50 years, beginning in 1890.

First Grand Ole Opry Broadcast
- Grand Ole Opry made its first radio broadcast from Nashville, TN on December 10, 1927.

"The Mighty Mouse Playhouse" TV Premiere
- premiered on CBS TV Network in 1955, an obviously developed spoof of the "Super Hero" genre of the Comics Magazines (aka 'Comic Books' or 'Joke Books', even.); and most specifically The Man of Steel, himself, Superman.


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December 11th is...

December.jpgJack Frost Day
- Tradition holds Jack Frost responsible for leaving frosty crystal patterns on windows on cold mornings (window frost or fern frost).

National Noodle-Ring Day
- Whether you like homemade pasta or prefer the instant noodle variety like Ramen noodles, Cup noodles or other sorts of pasta, we all know a world without noodles would be total anarchy! OK, maybe not that serious but noodles and pasta are cultural staples for many cultures (i.e. Asian, Italian, cultures etc.)

International Mountain Day
- The holiday is primarily intended to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and to build partnerships that will bring positive change to the world's mountains and highlands.

UNICEF Birthday
- Anniversary of the establishment by the United Nations General Assembly of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in 1946.

International Shareware Day
- A day to take the time to reward the efforts of thousands of computer programmers who trust that if we try their programs and like them, we will pay for them. Unfortunately, very few payments are received, thus stifling the programmers’ efforts. This observance is meant to prompt each of us to inventory our PCs and Macs, see if we are using any shareware and then take the time in the holiday spirit to write payment checks to the authors. Hopefully this will keep shareware coming.

Color Movies Birthday
- Development of Kinemacolor, where both filming and projection were done through red and green filters. The film went through the red filter and green filter successively, one filter after the other. Smith's A VISIT TO THE SEASIDE (1908), an eight-minute short, was the first commercial film. The public first saw the process in 1909, in London.

National Knitters Day
- If you don't know how to knit, today is a good day to learn! What are you knitting for Christmas gifts this year?