February Holidays

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February Holidays
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February 1st is...

February.jpgSerpent Day
- In cold climates like Scotland, snakes hibernate during winter. They disappear into their holes in the earth like the sleeping roots of plants and trees. On Serpent Day, a strange old custom documented by Alexander Carmichael included beating the earth with a piece of peat in a sock while reciting a rune. No doubt this practice was meant to awaken the sleeping serpents and therefore the land to let them know spring is coming and it is time to wake up.

National Baked Alaska Day
- The history of the Baked Alaska dates back to the 1800s when it was named after the new territory of Alaska. The newest territory, being a frozen asset was the impetuous of the dessert which is frozen to the core also. Earlier than this, an American physicist named Benjamin Thompson claimed credit for creating the dessert when trying to determine the heat resistance of egg whites. It was his version of the dessert which prompted the name of omelet surprise.

Women's Heart Health Day
- Women’s Heart Foundation’s nationally recognized day to raise awareness about the number one killer of American women: heart disease.

National Freedom Day
- celebrates freedom from slavery, and recognizes that America is a symbol of freedom. Established in 1948 to remind us that America stands for, and is a symbol of freedom for all people. The roots of this special day come directly from the end of slavery and the signing of the 13th amendment outlawing slavery.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police officially started in 1873
- the national police force of Canada, and one of the most recognized of its kind in the world. It is unique in the world as a national, federal, provincial and municipal policing body. The RCMP provides federal policing service to all of Canada and policing services under contract to the three territories, eight provinces (the RCMP does not serve as provincial or municipal police in Ontario and Quebec), more than 190 municipalities, 184 Aboriginal communities and three international airports

Skippy Peanut Butter Created
- a commercial brand of peanut butter made in the United States. Ninety million jars of Skippy are sold annually. It was first sold on February 1, 1933.

Robinson Crusoe Day
- Anniversary of the rescue of Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor who had been put ashore (in September 1704) on the uninhabited island Juan Fernández, at his own request, after a quarrel with his captain. His adventures formed the basis for Daniel Defoe’s book Robinson Crusoe. A day to be adventurous and self-reliant.

African American Coaches Day
- To provide a day each year to educate the African-American community about the value of working with a personal or business coach and to provide an opportunity for coaches and their clients to acknowledge the results and progress made through the coaching process.

G.I. Joe Day
- This toy action figure was introduced by Hasbro and sold for $2.49. It was the first mass-market doll intended for boys and was a great success. The figure’s name came from a film, The Story of G.I. Joe (1945), that starred Robert Mitchum and Burgess Meredith.

Hula in The Coola Day
- A day for those longing to escape the winter doldrums to laugh at the cold with a luau party. Put away your winter coats, get out your shorts and flip-flops, play limbo and say, “Aloha!”

Spunky Old Broads Day
- celebration for all women over 50 who are interested in living a regret-free life.

Working Naked Day
- dedicated to those who are working from home “naked”—stripped of the resources that millions take for granted in the traditional corporate workplace.

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February 2nd is...

February.jpgGroundhog Day
- a holiday celebrated in New York and Pennsylvania on February 2. In weather lore, if a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day and fails to see its shadow because the weather is cloudy, winter will soon end. If the groundhog sees its shadow, it will return into its burrow, and the winter will continue for 6 more weeks.

Crepe Day or La Chandeleur
- The Catholic holiday of Candlemas, on 2 February, is a feast to commemorate the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of baby Jesus. In France, this holiday is called la Chandeleur, Fête de la Lumière, or jour des crêpes.

- the last holiday of the Christmas season. Candlemas is a christian celebration, or festival, of the Feast of Purification of the Virgin Mary. It also celebrates the annual blessing of candles used by the church.

Heavenly Hash Day
- Heavenly Hash recipes vary from ice cream, to brownies and cookies, and to a gelatin based dessert with rice, marshmallows, and fruit. Most heavenly hash recipes contain either marshmallows or a marshmallow crème or fluff. Over the years many ice cream brands have added their version of Heavenly Hash Ice Cream to the freezer shelf. What type will you enjoy today?

Groundhog Job Shadow Day
- Students spend part of the day in the workplace “shadowing” an employee as he or she goes through a normal day on the job. Job Shadow Day demonstrates the connection between academics and careers and introduces students to the requirements of professions and industries.

Hedgehog Day
- This ancient Roman tradition was the inspiration for Groundhog Day in the US. Romans observed whether a hedgehog emerging from hibernation could see its shadow in the moonlight—if it could, then six more weeks of winter were expected. Later observed as a folk holiday in Europe and the British Isles.

- One of the “Greater Sabbats” during the Wiccan year, Imbolc marks the recovery of the Goddess (after giving birth to the Sun, or the God, at Yule) and celebrates the anticipation of spring.

National Girls & Women in Sports Day
- Celebrates and honors all girls and women participating in sports. Recognizes the passage of Title IX in 1972, the law that guarantees gender equity in federally funded school programs, including athletics. Sponsored by Girls Incorporated, the Girl Scouts, the National Association for Girls and Women in Sports, the National Women’s Law Center and the Women’s Sports Foundation.

Sled Dog Day
- When a diphtheria outbreak was diagnosed in Nome, AK (population 1,500), on Jan 21, the nearest large amount of antitoxin serum was in Anchorage. Bitter winter temperatures made air delivery impossible, so a heroic dog sled relay was set up. Some 300,000 units of serum were delivered by train to Nenana, AK, and on Jan 27—in temperatures of 40–50 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit)—20 mushers drove scores of dogs on a 674-mile journey to Nome in 127 hours. Togo was the lead dog for the first 350 miles, and Balto was the lead dog on the final 53 miles. The frozen serum arrived at 5:30 AM, and once it was thawed and administered, there were no more diphtheria deaths. Balto became a national hero, and a statue was erected in his honor in New York City’s Central Park.

Bottle Cap Patented
- Bottle caps were originally designed to be pressed over and around the top of a glass bottle to grab a small flange on the bottleneck. The Crown Cork was patented by William Painter on 2 February 1892. It originally had 24 teeth and a cork seal with a paper backing to prevent contact between the contents and the metal cap.

California Kiwi Fruit Day
- Did you know kiwifruit promotes heart health, protects against Cancer and aids in DNA repair, outranks bananas as the top low-sodium, high potassium fruit, is a good low-fat source of Vitamin E, that Vitamin C rich kiwifruit may help protect against asthma and is the most nutrient dense fruit? Don't forget to pick up a few kiwis at your local grocery store and celebrate the fuzzy green fruit of the West.

National League Birthday
- On 2 February 1875, the National Base-Ball League was organized, also in New York City. The clubs represented at the convention were the Chicago, Boston, Athletic and Mutual clubs; the Hartford, St. Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati clubs made the complement of contestants in the first League season.

Self Renewal Day
- In medical terms, this is called ‘constructive rest’.� In the morning, instead of cozying up to a coffee and the news, try sitting in silence for several minutes.� On the weekends, plan things to look forward to, and leave your work at the office. Regularly plan time to connect with other people. Arrange something fun or creative or rejuvenating to do, something that will engage your passion and re-energize your spirit.

Grand Central Station Birthday
- At the stroke of midnight on February 2, 1913, Grand Central Station opened in New York City.

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February 3rd is...

February.jpgHalfway Point of Winter
- This is a very important event to us because the days are getting longer and the sun sets a minute later each evening. It is the exact halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It is the winter midpoint or cross-quarter day. The duskiest, coldest season is now officially half over!

Sesame Street's Elmo's Birthday
- Everybody knows Elmo, the fire-engine red dynamo with the positive attitude and infectious giggle. The outgoing, curious little monster is a perennial optimist who’s full of wonder as he discovers the world. With his childlike innocence, Elmo can turn almost anything into a game and invite his friends to join him in the imaginative fun.

National Carrot Day
- Did you know?
- The average person will consume 10,866 carrots in a lifetime
- Carrots are not always orange and can also be found in purple, white, red or yellow
- Dream of carrots - it portends prosperity and health; For a young woman to eat them denotes she will contract an early marriage and be the mother of several hardy children!

Four Chaplains Memorial Day
- Commemorates four chaplains (George Fox, Alexander Goode, Clark Poling, John Washington) who sacrificed their life belts and lives in 1943 when the SS Dorchester was torpedoed off Greenland during WWII.

Chinese New Year
- Traditional Chinese Lunar Year 4709 begins at sunset on the day of the second New Moon following the winter solstice. Outside China, the date of the New Year may differ by a day. The New Year can begin anytime from Jan 21 through Feb 21. Begins the Year of the Rabbit. Generally celebrated until the Lantern Festival 15 days later, but merchants usually reopen their stores and places of business on the fifth day of the first lunar month.

The Day the Music Died Day
- refers to a plane crash occurring just after 1:00 a.m. local time on February 3, 1959, near Clear Lake, Iowa, United States. The crash killed three American rock and roll musicians: Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, as well as the pilot, Roger Peterson. The term was popularized by Don McLean in his 1971 song "American Pie"."

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February 4th is...

February.jpgGive Kids A Smile Day
- Each year on the first Friday in February, thousands of the nation's dentists and their dental team members provide free oral health care services to children from low-income families across the country. The ADA's Give Kids A Smile® program enhances the oral health of large numbers of needy children. Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) activities also highlight for policy makers the ongoing challenges that disadvantaged families face in finding dental care. Find a program today!

Homemade Soup Day
- This day celebrates homemade soup in everyway!
On this day we are encouraged to get back to homemade comfort foods like homemade soup. There's nothing more comforting and homey than a nice pot of homemade soup simmering on the stove top is it? Don't waste your time opening a can soup today. On National Homemade Soup Day, remember your favorite homemade soup recipes, pick one and celebrate by making your family a pot of the real stuff. Real Homemade Soup!

Create a Vacuum Day
- a day when we should all be filling our vacuum flasks, making the house all spick and span with our vacuum cleaners or creating a vacuum by opening your freezer door - twice. You'll notice that the second time you open it - after waiting a few seconds - it seems to be stuck much tighter. You have created a partial vacuum!

Gumby's Birthday
- Gumby is a green clay humanoid figure who was the subject of a 233-episode series of American television which spanned over a 35-year period. He was animated using stop motion clay animation. Gumby was created by Art Clokey while a student of Slavko Vorkapich at the University of Southern California.

Rosa Park's Birthday
- Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) was an African American civil rights activist, whom the U.S. Congress later called "the first lady of civil rights", and "the mother of the freedom movement". On December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks, age 42, refused to obey bus driver James Blake's order that she give up her seat to make room for a white passenger.

- On this day in 1941 the United Serviceman's Organization was formed. It is a private, nonprofit organization that provides morale and recreational services to members of the U.S. military, with programs in 140 centers worldwide.

Liberace Day
- Wladziu Valentino Liberace (May 16, 1919 – February 4, 1987), better known by only his last name Liberace, was a famous American entertainer and pianist. During the 1950s–1970s he was the highest-paid entertainer in the world.

Quacker Day
- Quacker Day, celebrated on the anniversary of Quacker Factory being offered on QVC, acknowledges the 2 million Quackers who love to dress for attention! When you see someone wearing Quacker Factory clothing, go up to them, say “Quack, Quack,” and then watch: you’ll have an instant friend!

- Begins on Islamic calendar date Rabi al-AwaI 1, 1432. The third month of the Islamic calendar, the month of the migration of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in AD 622, the event that was used as the starting year of the Islamic lunar calendar.

National Wear Red Day
- During American Heart Month in February, the American Heart Association will focus on women with “Go Red for Women,” a national movement about women and cardiovascular disease. Each year cardiovascular diseases claim the lives of nearly 500,000 women. For all of the women you know who have been affected by cardiovascular disease, participate in Wear Red Day.

National Stuffed Mushroom Day
- The recipe for stuffed mushrooms, however, originated in America during the early 20th century. The so-called father of modern commercial mushroom cultivation, J.B. Swayne, found a new crop of mushrooms around this time. He hired numerous Italian immigrants to help with their cultivation on his farm. Some of the Italians had much experience stuffing peppers and tomatoes, and it only seemed natural to try to stuff the mushrooms as well.

World Cancer Day
- Cancer is a leading cause of death around the world. WHO estimates that 84 million people will die of cancer between 2005 and 2015 without intervention. Each year on 4 February, WHO supports International Union Against Cancer to promote ways to ease the global burden of cancer. Preventing cancer and raising quality of life for cancer patients are recurring themes.

Bubble Gum Day
- On Bubble Gum Day, everyone who donates 50 cents or more gets to chew gum in school, with proceeds going to any charity the school chooses. Kids have fun, while raising money for a good cause. Some creative teachers even incorporate bubble gum into their lessons for the day!

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February 5th is...

February.jpgIce Cream For Breakfast Day
- Once upon a time there was a little girl named Ruth and a little boy named Joe. Ruth and Joe grew up in the back of beyond in New York state where it was very very cold. Every winter between New Year's Eve and Passover, life in up-state New York got extremely boring, so their parents invented a holiday to brighten up the dreary days of winter. It was called Ice Cream For Breakfast Day. This was a wonderful holiday for children and parents alike because to celebrate you had to eat ice cream for breakfast on the first Saturday in February.

National Chocolate Fondue Day
- Remember this special food holiday by getting out that fondue pot you have stored in the closet, heat it up and melt up that special chocolate sauce! Call up all your friends and family and get ready for a sweet dipping good time!

Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
- It’s time to take out the garbage and get rid of that “jerk” boyfriend or girlfriend. This is a chance for all you under-appreciated boyfriends and girlfriends to take out the trash, get rid of that jerk, and find a special some one to share your V-day with!

Disaster Day
- Over the past several years, think about the natural disasters that have taken place in your area, in your state, in your country, and around the world. What do you think has been the greatest natural disaster and why?

Hank Aaron's Birthday
- Born February 5, 1934, Mobile, Alabama. Nicknamed "Hammer", "Hammerin' Hank", and "Bad Henry", is a retired American baseball player whose Major League Baseball (MLB) career spanned the years 1954 through 1976. Aaron is widely considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Move Hollywood and Broadway to Lebanon, PA Day
- There’s lots of room, friendly folks and Amish farms. Lebanon is a haven for residents and tourists to serenely indulge in the city’s world-famous bologna and the Wertz family homemade candies.

Peter Pan Day
- Movie released in 1953 - A mischievous boy who can fly and magically refuses to grow up, Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood adventuring on the small island of Neverland as the leader of his gang the Lost Boys, interacting with mermaids, Indians, fairies, pirates, and (from time to time) meeting ordinary children from the world outside.

Sale of the first Wiffle Ball
- Their first sale was to Three Judges Restaurant, a diner just down the street from the factory. This unlikely outlet sold the Wiffle ball from its front window at the 1953 price of 49 cents. A humble start for sure, but one that led to orders from local sporting goods stores.

National Weather Persons Day
- honors weathermen, and woman who work hard to accurately predict the often fickle weather. Despite major technological advances and supercomputers, forecasting the weather is still a tricky, and ever changing business. According to the Air Force News, Weatherman's Day "commemorates the birth of John Jeffries, one of America's first weathermen". Jeffries was born on Feb 5, 1744. He kept weather records from 1774 to 1816.

Thank a Mailman Day
- This is your chance to say thanks to the guy, or gal, who delivers your mail. After all, they are there six days a week. The reliable postal worker is always there doing their job, regardless of the weather. They are a hardy lot. You'll find some mail carriers on walking routes, wearing shorts in all but the coldest of winter days.

World Nutella Day
- Nutella is more than just a “chocolaty hazelnut spread,” it is a way of life. From childhood memories to oozing hot crepes, from breakfasts on vacation to free-spooning sessions on the couch, Nutella is prominent in the memories of many children and grown-up children in the world. In 2007 we gave Nutella its own holiday, and this year we’re continuing the tradition.

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February 6th is...

February.jpgSuper Bowl Sunday
- Super Bowl Sunday, the second-biggest eating day of the year (Thanksgiving is first) but No. 1 in snack food consumption, is about more than football. It's a framework upon which to stitch together a tapestry of friends, food and fun that, with a bit of party planning, can appeal even to confirmed non-sports fans. And while it's not true that cities' sewage systems are at risk during halftime due to increased flushing or that Disneyland is all but deserted — both enduring myths — it is true that the location of choice for many Americans on Super Bowl Sunday is in front of the TV screen. In fact, Super Bowls dominate the list of all-time highest-rated telecasts, and sales of big-screen TVs increased 500% the week before XXXIX.

National Frozen Yogurt Day
- This holiday is about bringing awareness to those who have not yet tired frozen yogurt by making some homemade and sharing it by way of a yogurt party. Yogurt parties can be nice little quiet parties just between family or it can be a real big yogurt party that's full of many varieties of yogurt to sample and enjoy!

Lame Duck Day
- If you are a Lame Duck: Enjoy those final days. Reflect upon you successes, and the joys and rewards the position provided to you. Kick back a little and have some fun today, and in the remaining days. If you know a Lame Duck: Supporters should provide recognition and support. Non-supporters can cut the Lame Duck a little slack today. They will soon be gone.

Pay a Compliment Day
- Compliments are a simple, yet powerful, relationship building tool. There are many different reasons to give a compliment. The most compelling - it makes you feel good. You cannot give a sincere compliment without feeling great. It's impossible. Why does it feel so wonderful to pay a compliment? Because you are connecting honestly, directly, and kindly with another human being. It is a basic need that doesn't get met often in our fast-paced, media-hyped, negative-slanted, technical world.

Babe Ruth's Birthday
- George Herman Ruth, Jr. (February 6, 1895 – August 16, 1948), best known as "Babe" Ruth and nicknamed "the Bambino" and "the Sultan of Swat", was an American Major League baseball player from 1914–1935. Ruth originally broke into the major leagues with the Boston Red Sox as a starting pitcher, but after he was sold to the New York Yankees in 1919, he converted to a full-time right fielder and subsequently became one of the league's most prolific hitters. Ruth was a mainstay in the Yankees' lineup that won seven pennants and four World Series titles during his tenure with the team.

Monopoly Board Game
- The history of Monopoly can be traced back to 1903, when a Quaker woman named Elizabeth (Lizzie) J. Magie Phillips created a game through which she hoped to be able to explain the single tax theory of Henry George (it was intended to illustrate the negative aspects of concentrating land in private monopolies). Her game, The Landlord's Game, was commercially published in 1924. Other interested game players redeveloped the game, some changing its name to Auction Monopoly and later to plain Monopoly, and many making their own sets customized for their own cities

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February 7th is...

February.jpgWave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day
- the perfect opportunity to greet your neighbor with a big wave. But, to show your respect and appreciation on this very important day, you must wave with all of your fingers! Without a doubt, this day was created to put a smile on your face, and upon your neighbors. It's intent is to be friendly and create better relations. You should also use the term "Neighbor" loosely. Go out and greet everyone today with a big five fingers wave.

Send a Card to a Friend Day
- a great chance to get in touch with a friend. We all lead busy lives. Its easy to let a friendship or two lapse, as we try to shuffle kids to and from events. It's hard to stay in touch, when workload demands eat up countless hours. Today is the perfect chance to send card to a friend. A paper card, or an Ecard, is just fine. You may likely find an Ecard is quicker and easier. And, you will save on postage, too.

Charles Dicken's Birthday
- English social critic and novelist, born at Portsmouth, England in 1812. Among his most successful books: Oliver Twist, The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, A Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol.

National Fettuccine Alfredo Day
- Fettuccine alfredo originated during the 1920s in Rome at a restaurant called Alfredo all’ Augsteo. It was popularized among U.S. tourists by restaurant owner Alfredo di Lelio. Though the name “fettucine alfredo” stuck with Americans, it is unheard of in Italy. Italians most commonly refer to this dish as “pasta al burro (with butter)” in southern Italy and “pasta in bianco (in white)” in northern Italy.

Laura Ingalls Wilder's Birthday
- Laura Ingalls Wilder was born on February 7, 1867 in Pepin, Wisconsin. She was second of five children born to Caroline and Charles Philip Ingalls. Laura was 65 when she published her first book entitled Little House In The Big Woods. Then she stared writing more about when she was a little girl and that led to the Little House series. But not all were about her childhood. A weekly television series, Little House on the Prairie, began in 1974 and ran for many seasons

Ballet Day
- Renowned French danseuse Mme Francisquy Hutin introduced ballet to the US in 1827 with a performance of The Deserter, staged at the Bowery Theater, New York, NY. A minor scandal erupted when the ladies in the lower boxes left the theater upon viewing the light and scanty attire of Mme Hutin and her troupe.

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February 8th is...

February.jpgExtraterrestrial Culture Day
- A day “to celebrate and honor all past, present and future extraterrestrial visitors in ways to enhance relationships among all citizens of the cosmos, known and unknown.” Passed as a memorial (not law) by the New Mexico state legislature in acknowledgment that ever since the Roswell UFO incident of 1947, New Mexico is recognized worldwide as a nexus of sightings and unexplained mysteries.

Fly a Kite Day
- Today is a great time to go fly a kite. People have enjoyed flying kites for thousands of years. It's an ever popular activity for children, and enjoyed by many adults. Did you know? Kites were first used by the military in ancient China over 3,000 years ago.

National Molasses Bar Day
- Molasses was first discovered during the 1500's in Europe. It was commonly used there as a sweetener in baking until the invention of refined white sugar. Molasses was not forgotten though. Its distinctive taste is still desired in many recipes including gingerbread, sauces, cookies, toffee, baked beans, fruitcake, and molasses bars. Spicy yet sweet, molasses bars are a very popular snack in the Southern United States. Grab one to celebrate National Molasses Bar Day today!

Leadership Success Day
- the best leaders know that one of the keys to success is keeping things simple. People who you lead want to know that you can be relied on. Demonstrating your reliability and showing that you can be depended on to help others achieve and defend them when the going gets tough are two simple ways of demonstrating your reliability.

Boy Scouts Day
- celebrates the birthday of Scouting in America. On February 8, 1910, Chicago publisher William Dickson Boyce filed incorporation papers in the District of Columbia to create the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is one of the largest youth organizations in the United States, with over 4.5 million youth members in its age-related divisions. Since its founding in 1910 as part of the international Scout Movement, more than 110 million Americans have been members of the BSA

Laugh and Grow Rich Day
- Recognition of laughter’s power to add to the bottom line. People who laugh are more effective and tend to remember things better, and laughter helps to lower the turnover rate. The point of this holiday is to see the good points in your job and forget about the bad points in your job. Or another angle that is talked about is to "See the humor in your work no matter how bad the job is" and grow rich! So this holiday celebrates laughing and growing rich!

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February 9th is...

February.jpgNational Stop Bullying Day
- Approximately 864,000 teens stay home from school one day each month because they fear for their safety. The self-esteem-building nonprofit Hey UGLY (Unique Gifted Lovable You) has designated the second Wednesday of February (and the week it falls in) as a day and week for schools across America to conduct Stop Bullying classroom activities and school assembly presentations on how to eradicate bullying from schools and neighborhoods.

National Bagels and Lox Day
- The day honors a version of the traditionally Jewish bread which is topped with topped with thinly sliced cured salmon. The earliest mention of bagels dates to 1610 in Poland, and the earliest record of cured fish dates back to ancient Rome. It's unknown when the two foods were first put together, but the art of the combination has excelled in no other place like the Americas.

Toothache Day
- Celebrate this day by learning or reviewing the cause of toothache and tooth decay. Pass this education along to your kids. If you have a toothache today, by all means call your dentist.

Hershey's Chocolate founded
- Hershey's is one of the oldest chocolate companies in the United States, and an American icon for its chocolate bar. It is one of a group of companies established by Milton Hershey. Its headquarters are in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which is also home to Hershey's Chocolate World. It was founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1894 as the Hershey Chocolate Company, a subsidiary of his Lancaster Caramel Company.

GI Joe's Birthday
- G.I. Joe is a line of action figures produced by the toy company Hasbro in 1964 The initial product offering represented four of the branches of the U.S. armed forces with the Soldier (U.S. Army), Action Sailor (U.S. Navy), Action Pilot (USAF) and Action Marine (USMC). The term G.I. stands for Government Issue and became a generic term for U.S. soldiers (predating the action figures), especially ground forces.

Read in the Bathtub Day
- Spend this cold winter day in a nice warm tub enjoying a good novel. What book will YOU be reading?

The Beatles Appear on "the Ed Sullivan Show"
- British pop phenomenon the Beatles began the “British Invasion” of America in 1964 with their appearance on America’s top television variety show. They performed five songs before a screaming studio audience of 728. The estimated viewer-ship for that night’s show was 73 million people—making it the most-viewed US TV program in history up to that time.

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February 10th is...

February.jpgUmbrella Day
- in honor of one of the world's most invaluable inventions. On a rainy, day, we are sure glad that someone was smart enough to invent it. It's also increasingly popular to use umbrellas to shade ourselves from harmful UV radiation, and the heat of the sun. On this holiday you are encouraged to take a walk in the rain and enjoy your umbrella.

National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
- The first known recipe for brownies appeared in the 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalogue. What everyone seemed to love about brownies, besides their delicious taste, was how quick and easy they were to make! Since then, the original brownie recipe has transformed into a wide variety of flavors to suite every brownie lover's needs. Celebrate today by enjoying the sweet, rich, and creamy flavors of a cream cheese brownie!

World Marriage Day
- One of the ways to encourage long term marriage relationships is to celebrate World Marriage Day in your own community. Encourage couples to do activities that will strengthen their own marriages, such as reading a book on marriage together or attending a marriage communication course or encounter.

YWCA Birthday
- The movement that resulted in the World YWCA began in England in 1855 in the midst of the Industrial Revolution and the Crimean War. Founded through the convergence of social activist Lady Mary Jane Kinnaird’s General Female Training Institute, and committed Christian Emma Robarts’ Prayer Union, it sought to be a social and spiritual support system for young English women.

Plimsoll Day
- A day to remember Samuel Plimsoll, “the Sailor’s Friend,” a coal merchant turned reformer and politician, who was elected to the British parliament in 1868. He attacked the practice of overloading heavily insured ships, calling them “coffin ships.” His persistence brought about amendment of Britain’s Merchant Shipping Act. The Plimsoll Line, named for him, is a line on the side of ships marking maximum load allowed by law.

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February 11th is...

February.jpgSatisfied Staying Single Day
- As Valentine’s Day approaches, some single folks would like to point out that they’re quite content buying candy and flowers for no one but themselves.

National Peppermint Patty Day
- nothing is quite as refreshing as a piece of peppermint patty candy, right? The mixture of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate over a refreshingly cool concoction of peppermint simply explodes in the mouth! Peppermint patties have been around for years. In 1940, the York Cone Company manufactured the patties in York, Pennsylvania. According to the website, the patties were such a hit, the company's other products were discontinued in order to produce more of the patties.

Be Electrific Day
- A day to honor the birth of Thomas Alva Edison and recognize his electrical inventions, including the lightbulb. It is also the day to discover our own “body electricity.”

White T-Shirt Day
- celebrates the men and women who participated in a strike at General Motors in 1937. "These autoworkers helped the United Auto Workers (UAW) union to become the sole bargaining agent for General Motors autoworkers." As part of the symbolism of this strike, everyone wears a white shirt or blouse.

Make a Friend Day
- a great opportunity to meet someone new, or do something to make a new friend. Making a new friend can be easier to do than you think. There must be a gadzillion ways to make new friends. It often helps by smiling and just being friendly or helpful. Spend today just being friendly, and doing special or nice things for others.

Pro Sports Wives Day
- This national day of observance will give polite recognition to nearly a half million active and retired sports wives throughout the country for their public service in the estimated $213 billion professional sports industry. Unknown to the public, pro sports wives are the household managers and silent partners who keep their favorite athletes motivated, focused and determined to win and create the feeling of being a winner within us all.

National Inventor's day
- In recognition of the enormous contribution inventors make to the nation and the world, the Congress, pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 140 (Public Law 97 - 198), has designated February 11, the anniversary of the birth of the inventor Thomas Alva Edison, who held over 1,000 patents, as National Inventors' Day.

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
- It simply means don't worry and stress over the little things. Enjoy life to it's fullest and savor each and every day with an optimistic attitude and a smile on your face! It's a day to think positive, look on the bright side, and to find something good in everything that happens.

Thomas Edison's Birthday
- Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931) was an American inventor, scientist, and businessman who developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long-lasting, practical electric light bulb.

National Shut-in Visitation Day
- If you know anyone who can't get out of the house for whatever reason, go visit them – bring groceries, grab a paper, bring him or her a houseplant, or just have a sit-down and a chat!

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