How To Add Email Notifications

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How To Add Email Notifications
Tue, 10-23-2012 - 6:58pm

Thanks to CMerin for this - I tried it out and it works!


How To Add Email Notifications

When on the thread that you'd like to receive notifications of new posts on, click on the options link [at the bottom right of the first post] and choose Subscribe.

Now you need to [go to your preferences to] change the subscription to an email one.

Click on Edit My Preferences"

[Then click on  Notifications in the upper right

Then click on  Subscriptions in the second row]

Now click on edit under the operations column on the subscription [thread] you'd like to get an email notifications of [when there is a new post].

In the Send Method drop down, choose HTML Mail.

Now click Save Subscription. You're done.

You'll now get an email any time there is a reply to that thread.

ADDED: If you are still having trouble, you can go to My Bookmarks & Subscriptions (right hand column)

Click on Tab 2, and you will see all of your Subscribed threads.

Click a check mark next to each of your Subscriptions

Click on the down arrow in the Update options box, where it says Activate

Set it to Change Send Interval To: Immediately

Click the Update button. Now you are done.