How to prepare men for childbirth?

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How to prepare men for childbirth?
Fri, 09-14-2012 - 4:55pm

I was reading this article on Kate Hudson's labor and delivery of her son with Matt Bellamy:

He describes the birth as "horrible" and wondered why nobody warned him about how gory it would be.

DH went with me to the classes.  Oddly, no videos were shown.  He didn't want to see our son being born because I guess he was afraid of how "horrible" it would be.  He wound up watching, and he even cut the cord (which he did not want to do, but my doctor handed him the scissors so he really didn't have a choice).  

Was your husband OK with the "ick" factor of childbirth?

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Sat, 09-15-2012 - 4:15pm

Birthing From Within has a special session for fathers only. I don't know what they saw or heard but I do know none of them were grossed out. The couple who ended up being hospital transfer, cesearean did say that ceseareans aren't as clean as portrayed on television but no one comment about how it was gross. The midwives seemed to work hard at reducing some of the ick factor about giving birth. Having said all that, I can't see too well without my glasses and I was too busy getting acquainted with my new baby to notice anything icky, LOL!