Pink's L&D did not go as planned

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Pink's L&D did not go as planned
Fri, 07-08-2011 - 11:35am

Inspired by The Business of Being Born, Pink was hoping for a natural and drug-free birth with her husband, Carey Hart, by her side.

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First Birth- at first I definitely thought so.

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My first L&D I planned to go pain-med free, but I ended up getting induced, and most of the points on my birth plan got crossed off b/c of that. I ended up getting an epidural about 11 hours in, and at the end, I had a vacuum extraction. The one "save" from my birth plan was no episiotomy, though as expected, I tore.

With my second, I decided to go to a Bradley class to increase my chances of a med free delivery. Unfortunately some elements were repeated. My water broke, so I had to have pitocin again to get contractions going. But I worked through them with the help of my husband, doula, and a friend, so I did manage without the pain meds. And I labored and pushed in a variety of positions (I loved sitting on the toilet backwards getting pressure on my sacrum!) I actually got to pull my baby out and onto my chest, and spent a lot of skin to skin time with delayed cord clamping, and we got BFing off to a good start right away. I left the hospital just about 24 hours after delivery, as planned. So a lot more things went "right" the second time around, even though I had to have pitocin. I wish I had been able to experience a more natural progression of labor, without pit, but we're stopping at 2, so it's not in the cards ;)


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