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This is an article written by a facebook friend of ours. We don't know if you saw it but it is good reading.

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A very long article, which I read word for word - until I noticed that the scroll bar had moved downward barely a quarter of its full length. However, what I saw in detail is a well-written (therefore easy to read) treatise on issues which still plague the USA regarding the outmoded practice of male-child circumcision.

The only two points I must raise are:

1. Again I notice that the author repeats a common American belief that an intact boy, once his foreskin has separated from the glans, is then required to "retract and rinse". This is a nonsense. In fact it contradicts nature's wisdom. Why would nature make a perfect penis deficient in any way at all? Do we expect our girls to retract their clitoral hood once it is freely movable - and rinse? The thought is unconscionable. Regardless of genital differences between male and female, the similarities exist. (We all begin female in the womb.) And taking this a step further, how many parents insist that their young daughters should wash their inner labia invasively? The penis and the vagina are self-cleansing. Both secrete fresh smegma in a cyclical action - translucent, odourless, lubricating and with antibiotic properties. (The definition of 'smegma' is the Greek for 'soap'.)

So we are left with nothing more than our contemporary wish to 'smell nice'. Natural body odour does not harbour germs but we wish to wash away stale perspiration and other stale residues That's our prerogative. Ridding ourselves of natural secretions, still fresh and beneficial, is foolish. When we urinate, males very effectively rinse away any stale smegma - perhaps less so in females - but both are effective. Fresh urine is sterile.

2. The author shows us the face of a screaming baby boy - and so he ('Joel' is male?) should! Then we see a pastiche of Leonardo da Vinci's famous Vitruvian Man. I found this both inspired and a little puzzling. Joel's depiction of an infant boy strapped to a circumstraint device shows the boy's legs held vertically downwards - and not apart

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