Circumcised and Hate It - the Tip of the Iceberg

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Circumcised and Hate It - the Tip of the Iceberg
Thu, 03-21-2013 - 1:53am

It's clear that I am just one of a great many men who have been circumcised as children or adults and deeply regret it.

Those circumcised in infancy and therefore bereft of any palpable knowledge of a foreskin yet nonetheless resent its absence, are in a very special group of their own and deserve our admiration for their ability to understand their loss. Those circumcised as older boys and adults have a tale to tell of resentment and regret which gives the tortured cries of healthy little boys forcefully circumcised against their will the spoken words their screams embody.

The link below is a revelation. It first lists historical accounts of famous men who abhor/red their circumcised penises, followed by something approaching 200 replies from men like me. It's just a dip in the ocean of millions like us across the world, with America at the pinnacle.

It cannot be gainsaid: whether a foreskin is cut off as a medical necessity or at the whim of cultural or misdiagnosed acceptance, a circumcised penis is a crippled penis.


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