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Thu, 08-30-2012 - 8:55pm

This from Intact America, following the recently revised statement from the AAP on male circumcision...

In the wake of last month’s ruling in Germany, the media has been filled with stories claiming that anti-circumcision efforts are anti-Semitic and disrespectful of religious freedom. You too may hear this claim when speaking with friends and colleagues about the issue.

The AAP’s new Report is riddled with inconsistencies and misleading information, but perhaps most troubling is what’s been left out, as noted in Intact America’s official response:

  • the increasing opposition to circumcision among medical societies in Europe, where circumcision rates are 10 percent or lower and where rates of HIV and other STDs are lower than in the United States;
  • the growing movement in the U.S. among parents angry at having been “sold” circumcision for their sons—only to find out after the fact that the surgery is excruciatingly painful, causes short-term and long-term complications, and interrupts parent-child bonding;
  • and the growing number of adult men who feel that their rights were violated and their bodies damaged when doctors removed sexual tissue from their penises without their consent.

The Report’s intentional avoidance of these legitimate concerns—unconscionable from a group that purports to be experts in child health—will cause doctors to mislead parents into believing that their perfectly normal sons require surgical intervention.

Write to the AAP today and tell them SHAME ON YOU!


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