Genital Veracity & its Undeniable Truth

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Genital Veracity & its Undeniable Truth
Fri, 05-27-2011 - 10:35pm

If doctors are granted permission to cut off part of a child's functional genital anatomy because it might help prevent a disease later in life, there is no limit to the number of body parts that they can amputate. For example, they could argue that child mastectomy would wipe out breast cancer and that partial castration would reduce the incidence of testicular cancer. Circumcision of infants and boys for any reason other than a clear, compelling, and immediate medical need is sexual assault.

Is such a point of view manifestly apparent, honest and unassailable or is it open to equal and opposite contradiction? If the latter, why has this board been bereft of even a single post from a single pro-circ parent or other individual for a very long time? I don't for one minute believe that even secular genital 'correction' will ever become unheard of, male or female - the more so whilst religion and culture continue to demand it. But even the African scare

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