male circumcision = female sexual power

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male circumcision = female sexual power
Thu, 09-23-2004 - 4:03pm
Posts seem to be getting pulled at the moment, including one of mine, so 1st a warning. The title tells you whats coming. If you don't think you can cope, don't read on. I don't want to be accused of offending anyone.

I've posted before on adult sexuality and am doing so again 'cos I think its important. This issue is not just about babies and nappies.

The point: male circumcision gives women sexual power over men. The reason? Circumcision massively decreases the sensitivity of the penis and makes it much harder to masturbate. Therefore, men only get real sexual satisfaction from vaginal penetration. The woman decides whether this happens, so the woman has control.

Justification? - people like sarah jessica parker are always complaining that US guys try to stick their tongue down your throat on the 1st date, and bed you on the second. US teenagers are obsessed with 'getting laid.' Europeans are so much more emotionally sensitive they say. Thats because they're more physically sensitive as well!!! This is also why guys marry younger in the US than in europe - regular vaginal sex without a condom - which reduces sensitivity even more.

Last century, people thought masturbation was really bad, therefore it was suppressed. Teenage girls were controlled psychologically - told their genitals were shameful and dirty, and that only immoral women masturbated. Teenage boys were controlled by circumcision - promoted by a guy called John Harvey Kellogg - he said it should be done without any pain relief, and that it worked for the reasons listed above.

However, in 2004 masturbation is promoted. 1 in 3 women in the US owns a vibrator - you can give yourself a massively intense, rapid, easy orgasm whenever you want - no man needed. John Harvey Kellogg would turn in his grave! Men still get circumcised though - surely not fair!

Why does it still happen? - power.

Last night I was in a bar and some sexist bozo fondled my ass. Was I angry? - no, I smiled sweetly to myself and remembered that the female sex got its revenge in on this guy the day he was born.

Totally and utterly emasculated - condemned to a lifetime of unsensitivity and dificult masturbation - by a woman.

Feminists like Andrea Dworkin often say the penis is a weapon that men use against women. Well - cut part of it off when he's defenceless and maybe you feel a lot better.

We all have female friends who told us when we were pregnant how we 'MUST' have our baby boy circumcised - why? - this was the only time in their lives they would have total, ultimate power over a man's penis.

The next time some circ'ed guy aggressively claims on this board how he really enjoys sex? - Just think - would he really want to believe that actually, women decided the day he was born to put a MASSIVE limit on how much he would EVER enjoy sex? - I think not.

There was a time when we waited for the 1st guy to come along to propose, so we could pay our rent. Nowadays, young women have careers so they don't need a man for financial stability.

Therefore I give you the young woman of today - with her career and her vibrator, she makes circumcised guys crawl on their knees around her. I'm sure anyone here with a teenaged or 20 something son knows exactly what I mean.

This is not an attack on anyone, not women who have circumcised their sons, definitely not the guys themselves. They're just ideas. Thats all. Think about them, respond if you want to.



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Tue, 10-05-2004 - 12:15pm
I have always told my bf he was done for my benefit, so it might be a power thing because I tell him he was made to order & have to thank his Mom. We do have a lot more power then the guys know, or maybe they do.
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Wed, 09-29-2004 - 1:37pm
I accept that a lot of people won't agree with the connections I made - I'd be interested to know what European women think - I think they might be able to identify with these concepts more as they may have had both circumcised and uncircumcised partners.

I think whats really important is to consider how circumcision affects the behaviour of adult men - if we realise that some of the things about men we don't like are actually worsened by circumicision, that might be a more persuavive argument against doing it than stuff about urinary tract infections.

P.S. a friend read my original post and said that she knew exactly why very few people had replied to it. She said that of course all women knew what I'd said, but that you never talk about it 'cos its one of those big female secrets that we keep the guys from ever knowing - (a bit like the fact that size does actually matter!) - I think thats a pretty poor attitude to be honest.

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Sat, 09-25-2004 - 3:13pm
well its nice to have some positive feedback for a change!

No, seriously, thanks for your post - I'm really glad to hear other people out there think some of the same things that I do!
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Fri, 09-24-2004 - 8:08pm
Interesting... but I don't agree with the connections you are making. I don't know what people's real intentions are, but they are indeed emasculating their newborn babies.


relactating for

Leo 4-25-04 intact

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Thu, 09-23-2004 - 11:22pm

I think your post makes a lot of sense!

I have actually had similar thoughts...

And, about taking the ease out of masturbation. (and foreplay for that matter!!!)

Why don't more people realize that?!?!

I think a lot of what can be said against circumcision is plain ol' common sense-Don't people have common sense any more? Why not put it to good use and PROTECT your sweet newborn babies?!?!?!

I say Bravo on your commentary it was quite eloquent!!!!!!!

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Thu, 09-23-2004 - 4:39pm's not often that I am speechless...