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More Board Help!........................
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 1:53pm
ARCHIVES- Archives from the last two days can be found on the "outline view" pop-up. Eventually, we will be able to find them under the "Archives" folder heading-- this is something iVillage is working on right now. All of the old archives are still in place. You should be able to access them with the links at the top of the page (August 2002 EC, etc). However, they may be unavailable while they change them over to the new format style.

SLOW LOADING- I received an email from PP, saying the boards are slow today because of all the work they are doing. Some boards still don't have the right folder names, some boards can't be posted on, etc. There are a ton of glitches and bugs right now that are being fixed. Optimistically, I'd say by the end of the week it should be better (although I hope its sooner).

FAVORITES- You can add boards to your "favorites" list. To view your favorites list, go up to the tan/yellow area at the top of the board and click on "favorite boards". It will show a list of your favorites boards, PLUS all the boards you have visited. It will also show if you have any new replies to your posts! This is a time-saver tool, especially if you visit more than one board daily.

FRIENDS- Yep, not sure exactly what this is; but you can add your friends to your list, which will allow them to view your entire profile. I believe its the 3rd page that is not visible to the public, only your friends can view it.

OUTLINE VIEW- Can't say it enough...outline view outline view outline view. It's my new best friend. Click on it at the top of the page. It opens up in a new window, but it shows all the posts. You can read ALL the headers, and see all the responses. That way if one interests you, you can click on it and open it up, read it, then close it. The outline view will also show you how many "views" a particular post has had.

AVATAR- I see most of you have figured this one out. But just in the tan/yellow box at the top of the page, click on "your profile". From there, you can click on edit profile (I think thats what it says), and then click the tab "Add Image". From there you can choose from about 10 *lovely* iVillage pictures, LOL. At this time, only CL's, CM's, etc can upload pics. But as I've said before, I'm hoping that gets changed so everyone can really enjoy this feature.

RATE A POST- This is another one that iVillage must be working on (if not, then I need to email them!) because I don't see the little stars by each post right now. Anyway, when it works, you will see little stars next to a post. Click on "rate this post" underneath. The cool thing is, you can then go up to "Board Settings" in the yellow/tan box, and choose to display only highly rated posts, etc.

Don't forget, on Board Settings, you can also change the time format to YOUR time (EST, CMT, etc).

IGNORE- You can ignore posts from a certain member. That is entirely up to you. However, I will tell you that as a CL, I will NOT be ignoring anyone's posts (since I am here to help people, that defeats the purpose). I will also ask that you not ignore the CL's posts either. Simply put, you might miss board news that way (especially with the Gift Exchange coming up).

FOLDER HEADINGS- I chose our folder headings last week. When things settle down, we can change them or add/delete some. We can do a poll next week about it, and I will email PP with our requests. The only thing I cannot control is what order they are in...but I will try to get PP to move the "archives" folder to the bottom of the page.