Paedophilia-Circumcision-USA-The World...Culpability

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Paedophilia-Circumcision-USA-The World...Culpability
Sat, 10-20-2012 - 9:36pm
This is a terrible result of mankind's perverse inhumanity to man, in isolation from America's predilection for circumcision - or its consequences; but leaving the USA as the modern-day catalyst for the wilful removal of foreskins. The AAP's 2012 statement on circumcision multiplies America's continuing culpability, in my estimation.

The link below is from a UK web site. It's a horrific example of paedophilia, with - and I quote: "One of the most appalling images (showing) the non-medical circumcision of a boy estimated at six to seven years old."

Please click this link now, before reading further. 

Google any reference to male child circumcision and you will receive thousands results.

The world is so vastly populated with healthy foreskins in quantities hugely beyond those left intact in the US, the numbers should speak for themselves. But it seems they give fodder both to caring parents who circumcise their boys in love for them, believing it has benefits - and those who find a sick pleasure in the act of circumcision itself.

Paedophiles see an abundance of American circumcised penises on the Internet of course, and relish them as an 'exciting' addition to their perversion - boys as easy victims.

Is the USA to blame - the only so-called civilised nation that still circumcises its boys with little thought of the harm it does to them - with the inevitable 'invitation' for paedophiles to abuse them so terribly?

Without the only nation in our world presently all-powerful (but take note of the Chinese), we would not be discussing circumcision - let alone the prevalence of perverted circumcision abuse.

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