The Purpose of this Board

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The Purpose of this Board
Tue, 04-17-2012 - 8:46pm

Hello and welcome!

Here you can discuss the pros and cons of circumcision freely and frankly. Your opinions will be valued in the spirit of earnest debate.

Or perhaps you are looking for arguments, both for and against circumcision, in an arena where both points of view are stated clearly and emphatically together.

You may be a parent or expectant parent - undecided about circumcising your boy; or a parent who has a son and has happily chosen to circumcise him or leave him intact. You may have no male children or no children at all, but with views you wish to express. You may have views on the subject of adult male circumcision, for and against - as opposed to infant circumcision. You may wish to discuss female circumcision v. male.

Ultimately, you have the freedom to debate any issue about circumcision on this board without fear of exclusion.

However, I want to stress that all debate should be conducted in an atmosphere of 'give and take' with an understanding of others' points of view. We all make our decisions in love for our children. Decisions can be questioned and strongly opposed, but never in a manner which violates iVillage's terms of conduct. Nothing is gained by invective or by abusive comments, regardless of our personal beliefs.

Again - welcome - and please post as often as you wish. Debate can change minds!


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