Still hope from Germany....

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Still hope from Germany....
Wed, 11-14-2012 - 5:56pm

While the United States is bent on remaining the sole defender of unnecessary circumcision in the industrialized world, there is this hopeful attempt (regardless of whether it stands any chance of success) from Germany, showing  that Europe is in no hurry to align itself with the misguided and ultimately unethical efforts of the US AAP.



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Wed, 11-14-2012 - 9:37pm

Of course, you're right Federico. And fortunately the issue won't lie down in Germany since that report which was European headline news at the time.

Other European nations have also been close to legislating against infant circumcision for some years.....and the moment one of them actually bans the procedure it will be world headline news. When we all recover from the current economic recession, that may be the time when government debate about unnecessary circumcision may hold sway in other industrialised countries, apart from the USA.


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