Circumcision IS working to stem the spread of HIV

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Circumcision IS working to stem the spread of HIV
Thu, 07-21-2011 - 4:58am

Today there is really good news from the Worlds AIDS Forum being held in Rome
Read all about it at:

Whilst the focus is on HIV prevention it is good to remember that male circumcision reduces the spread of other STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) as well. Note the word 'reduces' It is not 100% effective - just about 60% but that is proving a turning point alongside use of condoms and safe sex practices.

Opponents don't like the idea that circumcision is even partially effective. And, because it is not 100%, they argue it is not worth doing. Yet the other two remedies mentioned above equally fall short of being 100% effective, because people fail to heed them - but to intactivists, that's OK, so they happily support them. Go figure!

Another argument they raise against circumcision is that 'It's not applicable in the US because AIDS is mostly transmitted transmitted through homosexual practices and intravenous drug users, not hetrosexual intercourse. Has it not occurred to them that the lower US incidence of this compared to parts of Africa's uncircumcised regions, might just be due to the fact that many men in the US are circumcised?

Scope for research here?

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Thu, 07-21-2011 - 4:45pm

Wow, those statistics are very impressive!