Fighting for Circumcision in the Netherlands

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Fighting for Circumcision in the Netherlands
Fri, 01-06-2012 - 3:56pm

I just ran across this older article on the Netherlands, and how their medical association is trying to discourage circumcisions.

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Sun, 01-08-2012 - 3:44am

Thanks for posting this Melissa

it is ironic that, until recently, the Dutch have had a very liberal attitude to individual freedom and 'go as you please lifestyles' This has extended to the growing immigrant muslim population they have hosted. They have even accommodated these and other immigrant groups for whom circumcision is a religious, cultural or family requirement, by opening specialist clinics for this purpose in major cities through their public health service. I watched a lengthy Dutch TV documentary (with english subtitles) confirming this. It's a few years old now but has been going the rounds on the internet in bits. Like many others it set out to explore opposing opinions on circumcision in the Netherlands but has been taken apart by both sides to highlight their case. (Right now I don't have the relevant URL highlighting these clinics but I'll look for it and post later if I can find it.)

Since extremest islamic militants, who have lurked or grown up in these communities across Europe and have kicked the host hospitality in the teeth with some of their actions, it is building a backlash. I think the case you cite in the Netherlands is an example. This country has never had much of an incidence for performing infant or adult circumcision in its indigenous population except for medical necessity. As a result, intactivists have found a more receptive ear amongst Dutch doctors than those following a similar agenda in San Francisco.