An American Tragedy...?

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An American Tragedy...?
Thu, 03-08-2012 - 6:35pm

Some time ago on the Circumcision Debate Board I posted a personal perspective on the USA's historic habit of male circumcision, entitled "An American Tragedy".

But the link I give below turns my efforts head on tail. It is the most astounding and compelling treatise I have ever read, equating male and female circumcision in defence of genital integrity for BOTH sexes.

If the comparison between the two has led some parents to discount male circumcision as nothing like as crippling as the female equivalent, this will make them take stock and think again. It's very 'readable', despite its length, with pictures and phrases that will keep you reading.

When circumcision debate boards were alive and active, one of the most frequent arguments from pro-circ advocates was that boys were 'expendable' in comparison -

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