Beginning Anew... Raising Intact Boys

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Beginning Anew... Raising Intact Boys
Tue, 04-17-2012 - 10:43pm

iVillage's recent change has hopefully turned its new 'Circumcision' topic as an instrument for the better - three boards under one - and two CLs: Geedee and me.

I was - and still am - committed to bringing up boys intact with their foreskins. But I acknowledge that parents who circumcise their boys love them no less than those who don't.

Our individual beliefs are subject to scrutiny. I was circumcised as an adult - the eventual result of penile abuse as a boy. I can't turn the clock back, it's done and dusted. Would I be as opposed to circumcision as I am if I was born an American? Geedee is as English as I am.

My son is intact - his son and his sisters' sons also. As a nation, we have not routinely circumcised our boys in the UK since the end of WW2. Yet there are a few English parents who still nurture a belief that circumcision is beneficial. Geedee will promote this: I will confound it. If he and I exchange posts on the Debate board, we will do so in an opposing partnership, but in respect for each other.

This is what I hope for under the heading of 'Circumcision'.


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