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My 3 yo son

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They should NOT need to cath him for such a short surgery. I would call the surgeon's office and ask what their standard procedure is. In addition to that, I would also mention on the day of the surgery that you do not want him to be cath'd. If they insist, tell them you want them to use a urine bag that can be attached to the outside of his body (you might mention this when you call).

Anyway, IF an intact child needs to be cathed, retraction IS NOT necessary! They should clean what they can see (if the kid is retractable, you retract, clean, insert, REPLACE). Done. If he is not retractable, you can simply move the foreskin opening to the meatus, clean, insert, done.

P&PT's for his procedure! HUGS! Please update and let me know what they say!

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