Mass Adult Male Circumcision in Africa and its Impact upon Intact Boys

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Mass Adult Male Circumcision in Africa and its Impact upon Intact Boys
Mon, 07-15-2013 - 8:16pm

I am deeply concerned about the almost wholesale drive to circumcise African men, with massive funding from the USA, because of seriously flawed studies some years ago which we all know about. I'm concerned about the men themselves who are cajoled and pressured into submission as they line up to be peremptorily circumcised. But above all, I fear for future generations of African boys.

Currently, 15-17 nations across the continent of Africa are unnecesarily circumcising men in their tens of millions, with the aim of increasing this figure into scores of millions by 2016.

This has recently been given added impetus by the introduction of the Prepex device which offers the opportunity for barely trained female caregivers to circumcise men quickly and easily because no surgery skills are required. In rural areas where no 'nurses' are available and even basic hygiene is at a premium, the Prepex is considered to be the ultimate answer, because infection of the penis is virtualy non-existent by its use. With a short demonstration in the use of the device, almost anyone can crush the foreskin and leave it to die - except the victim himself:  Note, this is a graphic video using the device on a live adult male.

I have spoken of the Prepex before on other forums. A mother of her intact boy suggested there must be some pain involved. This made me look further into the effect on the man. I found this brief remark: "...crushing the foreskin may be mildly painful until necrosis sets in." Mildly? Well, that's a euphemism if ever I heard one!

So the initial crush may hurt severely but momentarily, Nonetheless, I find it hard to believe that waiting for the foreskin to die as the man moves about from day to day, won't hurt him badly. And imagine his pain if he gets an unwanted erection! But I'm just a man, so what do I know?

Perhaps I'm letting my imagination run away with me. Perhaps the foreskin is not pulled forward and stretched to its limit before the crushing rubber ring is fitted around the outer clamp. (Though, in the hands of a 'caregiver' who couldn't care less how much foreskin she pulls forward to die, the world is her oyster.)_______________________________

BUT, now to my deepest concern. Imagine the millions of circumcised men in Africa even now, let alone by 2016 and later. Note that only males from adolescence into their late 50s are targeted for circumcision, which foolishly assumes that older men are not sexually active. Regardless of the perceived efficacy of adult male circumcision for flawed 'medical' reasons, their baby boys will still be born with foreskins. Does this strike a chord among Americans and their history? I think it should.

You know what I must suggest now, but I will elucidate nonetheless. I earnestly fear that America's past history will be repeated in Africa. It will have nothing to do with the myth of masturbation and the need to rid boys of their foreskins to eradicate 'self-abuse'; it will have everything to do with the 'ills' of keeping a foreskin into sexual maturity and the need to rid boys of their foreskins before they are sexually mature, with yet another 'disease' searching for a cure. This is what America is promoting now.

An American tragedy reborn - with a perverse African twist?


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