Oldie but goodie

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Oldie but goodie
Wed, 10-23-2013 - 6:39pm

Hi everyone! I was a former member here a long time ago. I was the old CL for this group! Infact I got the name changed from "Child with Foreskin" to "Foreskin support" I'm pleased to see it has been improved even more with that added "Intact foreskin support" EXCELLENT!! I had to take an extended emotional leave of absence but I'm back in the trenches and ready to SPREAD SOME INFORMATION!!

About me:

I'm Amanda. 28. Single mom to an intact (duh) boy. Super excited to get to know all the new faces around here.

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Tue, 12-03-2013 - 9:35pm

Hi Christopher!!! I can't get this stupid website to allow me to PM you! E-mail me! I'm completely on board with helping you in whatever you need. cherri0196@yahoo.com


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Sat, 11-23-2013 - 8:35pm

Hi Amanda - and welcome back!

I'm now the co-CL of the overall message board named 'Circumcision'. I have tried hard to keep the subject alive in iVillage (see my many messages in all three sections), but sadly and strangely since iVillage's reformat about 18 months ago, circumcision discussion and debate amongst its members has dwindled to next to nothing, whilst other family websites such as BabyCenter have thriving groups on the subject. This has finally led me to participate at BC far more frequently than here.

I feel a bit of a traitor, but can I be blamed? All I wish is to help save boys (and men, come to that) from unnecessary circumcision - and BabyCenter is almost as effective as The Whole Network in its drive to that end. At least I return to iVillage periodically, or I wouldn't have picked up your post!

      >>"I got the name changed from 'Child with Foreskin' to 'Foreskin support'"<<

Good for you! And it was I who had it changed from 'Foreskin Support' to 'Intact Foreskin Support'. My reason being that the common term in use at the time of 'uncircumcised', implied that the perceived norm for a penis was 'circumcised'. Do you see? An 'intact' penis stresses its real normalcy.

Amanda, I intend to contact the 'powers that be' in iVillage and suggest an entirely new board on circumcision with a different title. I would PM you about this, hoping for your support, but it seems we no longer have that option.


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