See this - but where is the Foreskin...?

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See this - but where is the Foreskin...?
Sun, 01-12-2014 - 7:08pm

This is a 4D anatomy model of the human male reproductive system, designed for sex eductation purposes at home or school for children from 8-15. In its product description it states it's is a "Perfect model to show exactly how the male reproductive organs work."  But there's no foreskin! WHY?

The manufacturer describes it as a " way to learn about human anatomy." Frankly, what could be more fun than including a retractable foreskin to pull back and expose the glans? Why leave out this most important part of a normal penis?

Among the five customer reviews, only one mentions the absence of a foreskin. But as I post there are only two models left on - so it's obviously a popular product. I have looked for it on - it isn't there. Could that be because UK boys grow up intact with their foreskins, do you think?


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