seeing a uncircumcised boy

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seeing a uncircumcised boy
Mon, 10-07-2013 - 10:41am
I was in a McDonalds bathroom and a about 4 year old boy was standing there waiting for his dad to pull up is pants I couldn't help but notice his uncut little wee wee I have to say it makes me smile to see more moms and dads making the right decision. I would have like to give the dad a high 5 but how do you start that combersation. your son over there with the uncut large wee wee good job not cuting off his foreskein. I'm. No .but is nice any way to see more uncut little ones out ther. how you all feel

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Wed, 10-16-2013 - 4:40pm

Im the mother of two intact boys who would be totally creeped out by an unrelated adult making some comment about my boys' penises to me.

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Sat, 11-23-2013 - 10:28pm

I feel sure he was only making a general statement about boys in general because he happened to see an intact boy in a public toilet.  He was not directing his comment to you or any other parent directly.

I had to take my 9 year old son to the toilet at a motorway restaurant. I had no idea what to do when I discovered every urinal was occupied. A man simply suggested I lift him up over one of the handbasins, turn on the tap and let him pee....

My son's foreskin  with underside 'lip' like a teapot spout, directed the flow in a straight stream. 


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