Ban smoking in car with kids?

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Ban smoking in car with kids?
Thu, 03-14-2013 - 2:52pm

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Adults who smoke in a car with a child could face hundreds of dollars in fines under a bill approved Wednesday in the Oregon Senate.

If the House gives its approval and Gov. John Kitzhaber signs the bill, Oregon would join four other states with similar measures. Violators would face a maximum fine of $250 for a first offense and $500 for subsequent offenses.

The Senate's 19-10 vote Wednesday did not follow party lines.

Proponents said secondhand smoke is harmful, and minors shouldn't be subjected to health hazards because of their parents' decision to smoke. They say smoke can be trapped inside a vehicle and pool in the back seat where children often sit.

Oregon senate votes to ban smoking in car with kids-

What do you think? Should smoking with children in the car be banned?

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Fri, 03-29-2013 - 11:20pm


I don't know why you keep writing posts debating issues that no one else is debating.

Do you really think I believe that second hand smoking is NOT dangerous for children? Really? Wow! No one should smoke, at all. It is a self-destructive addictive habit which puts others at risk.

:/ .... where did I say that?? lol ... my last post was actually about thirdhand smoke.

Would it be benefical to the health of children if no smoking was allowed in any home they lived in?

Why are you asking yourself questions?? I certainly didn't ask you this question?

But governments can ban smoking in cars and vehicles. Those laws are enforceable because those vechicles use public roadways. Any reduction in a child's exposure to second hand smoke helps.

Ok, well, if you believe that, then ok. I haven't read anything that supports this if the child is living in a home with smokers, but if you think so .. ok.

Oh, and did you just change your position to mean all smoking in cars because before you said only when children are in the car.

um, just so you know, what is sited as the number one reason people stop smoking is cost ... lol ... not law changes. As a mater of fact, since the price in cigarettes has stablized, so hasn't the number of smokers.

"The relatively unchanged price of cigarettes since 2002 is considered important, because more people stop smoking because of cost than for any other single reason. That is especially true of younger smokers."

So, once again, your logic fails. Just because people can't smoke in public, does not mean they will not smoke at home or any other place they can. So, just because the government decides to micromanage people and maybe ban smoking in cars ... does not mean children will cease to be exposed to second and third hand smoke in the home in unhealthy amounts.

Or do you maybe believe people will quit because of some smoking ban in cars?? I just don't see your point.

Ya know Mom, the government just can't micromanage every single behavior that poses a health risk. IMO, it's a rediculous concept. And I believe this is why most people are opposed to such regulations. You want to devise some debate that just isn't the issue.

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Fri, 03-29-2013 - 11:21pm

I don't understand your reply.

Do I think this is being considered b/c of health risks and second hand smoke? Absolutely! I don't agree this is only b/c its a distraction

Sorry, I just don't understand your reply in the context of my response. You don't agree with something I never said so, maybe you were referring to Moms responses? I was agreeing with you, in saying, the law should apply to all smoking within the vehicle and not solely directed and limited to children being in the car.

Either way, such restrictions are not going to give overall health benefits to a child if the the child is still exposed to smoking at home. Nothing I've read here or online suggests otherwise. So, the law just becomes a big brother, micro management law. JMO

I know, That was my little tid bit about her smoking in my car.

Adults have choices children do not have. Overall though, I do not agree with this suggested law.

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Sat, 03-30-2013 - 7:09am
You're not denying that there are health risks with smoking are you ommy? NY state has some disgusting anti-smoking commercial/campaigns. I don't think that helps the cause either.



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Sat, 03-30-2013 - 8:49am

You're not denying that there are health risks with smoking are you ommy?

Ya know Jams, I think you need to take a minute and find anything that I have written that would support the above statement of yours. :) I think, for some reason, you and Mom are grasping at straws trying to turn this into an argument and avoid addressing the concerns that are actually brought up. :)

lol .. one post, I flat out say no one is saying smoking in a car is a healthy choice ... lol .. but ok, if the above statement is the best you have, well ... *shrug*

Please, go ahead and find any statement I've made stating smoking is not a health risk. If anything, I have supported the position, disagreeing with Mom that smoking in a home is somehow healthier then smoking in a car. hmm, and I brought up third hand smoke and I believe I posted studies which support my view that smoking in the home causes just as much or maybe more exposure to children then smoking in a car.

What neither of you can answer is what health benefit will this ban actually create?? You can't answer it so, you create your own debate. lol It's really kind of humorous.

Either way Jams, some people actually feel this is kind of like a slippery slope when the government begins to tell people what to do in their own private space. Smoking cigarettes is a legal. But, this insistence between Mom and yourself that smoking in car creates some unusual health risk above smoking in the home is just illogical.

Some people feel the police have better things to do then to be pulling people over for smoking in car. Some people feel laws like this are much more above control then freedom. Where does it end? What risky behavior will be next?

IDK what to tell you ladies. If you want to keep debating some fictional statements about smoking and health risks ... maybe you two should debate each other. ;)