Bikinis: Appropriate for girls?

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Bikinis: Appropriate for girls?
Wed, 04-24-2013 - 12:09pm

It’s not even summer, but thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow, the debate about whether bikinis are appropriate for little girls is heating up already.

Many moms are split on the issue, with some who ban skimpy swimwear because they feel it sexualizes girls and others who think bikinis are just a cute fashion statement causing adults to make much ado about nothing. Yet most agree: Choosing a suitable bathing suit for one’s daughter is part of the fashion-and-beauty gauntlet that affects girls’ self image.

In her online newsletter, GOOP, Paltrow (recently named "World's Most Beautiful Woman" by People magazine) features a bikini line for little girls ages 4 to 8 created by swimsuit designer Melissa Odabash. The $45 black suits, called the “Kids’ New York bikini set” are sold exclusively on the GOOP website and resemble a similar style offered for adult women.

Where do you stand? Do you think bikinis are appropriate for young girls?

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