Boston Bombing Suspect Charged

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Boston Bombing Suspect Charged
Mon, 04-22-2013 - 2:38pm

The hospitalized Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was charged Monday with using a weapon of mass destruction – and the White House said he will be tried in a civilian court.

“He will not be treated as an enemy combatant. We will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

“Under U.S. law, United States citizens cannot be tried in military commissions.  And it is important to remember that since 9/11 we have used the federal court system to convict  and incarcerate hundreds of terrorists.”

Tsarnaev, 19, a naturalized U.S. citizen of Chechen origin, made his initial court appearance at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical  Center, where he was listed in serious condition.

He was advised of his rights and charged with one count of using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction in the U.S. and one count of malicious destruction of property with an explosive device. The charges could carry the death penalty.

Interesting.  Do you agree that he should be charged in a civilian court? What sentence would you like him to receive?

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Tue, 04-23-2013 - 2:38am

Waiting for the post "Boston Marathon Bomber Executed...Slowly."

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Wed, 04-24-2013 - 1:53pm

I think he should be tried in civilian court, like any mass murderer, and I believe this is where most terrorists should be tried.

The idea that terrorism and hate crimes are somehow different from ordinary killings and mass murders bothers me, and treating them differently glorifies terrorism to those who are bent on our destruction. Why make them special? They're only thugs, murderers, sociopaths, and people with no regard for the sanctity of human life. There's no need to air whatever lunatic idealogy made them think their actions were justified.

And yes, Tsarnaev should receive the death penalty. Because he is being tried in federal court, rather than MA, where there is no death penalty, this is a real possibility.