Boy Scouts Historic Vote

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Boy Scouts Historic Vote
Tue, 05-28-2013 - 3:56pm

A Gay Dad on the Landmark Boy Scouts Decision: "It's a Hollow Victory"-

You see, I'm a gay dad. While the Boy Scouts inched their way into the 21st century, they didn't inch far enough to see me as a person that was worthy of admission. Gay adults are still not permitted to serve as scoutmasters, den leaders or in any other capacity. As it now stands, the Scouts have codified the rather ridiculous notion that gay youth are welcome (provided your local troop is enlightened) but, come your 18th birthday, you suddenly change into something inconsistent with the values of scouting.

Let's be honest: the Boy Scouts' values are no better today than they were last week. Gay adults are still seen as morally unfit for the company of children. Gay youth are forced to confront the organization's implicit belief that, while they may embody scouting principles today, they will one day morph into perverse and possibly predatory adults unworthy of their badges.

How do you personally feel about the historic vote? Do you agree with the decision made? Has it in any way changed your opinion about the organization?

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Wed, 05-29-2013 - 9:19pm

Historic for the US but elsewhere in the world, gays in the scouting movement is a non-issue.

Scouts here have been co-ed (for 20 years) plus have welcome gays, even as leaders, for at least 14 years.  All religions even those who have no religion, are also welcome.

So, all I can say, it is about time.