Crib Lobby's War on Co-sleeping

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Crib Lobby's War on Co-sleeping
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 4:58pm

I was looking for an article about how the heavily funded crib manufacturers lobby bad mouths co-sleeping. I was surprised to find that they not only villify co-sleeping, they also dismiss the risks of sleeping alone, and  they  dismiss the risks of crib bumpers.


The JPMA, which says that there is no risk in using crib bumpers as recommended, also spent millions of dollars on a campaign to "educate" doctors and parents about the risks of co-sleeping several years ago. Despite the fact that SIDS deaths are ten times higher among babies who sleep alone in cribs than in babies who co-sleep, the JPMA teamed up with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recommend that all babies be put to sleep in cribs.