High Heels: How Young Is Too Young?

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High Heels: How Young Is Too Young?
Mon, 08-05-2013 - 6:12pm

How young is too young for high heels? Some say designer heels are fine for pint-sized fashionistas, while others feel teenagers shouldn't be teetering around in stilettos. 

Too young for heels? Tell us the right age for girls- http://www.today.com/moms/too-young-heels-tell-us-right-age-girls-6C10848386

What age do you feel is appropriate for girls to start wearing heels?  When did you start wearing them?

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Tue, 08-06-2013 - 8:37am

I waited until my daughters were teenagers, about 13 before allowing them to wear heels. And then I didn't allow stilettos until they were closer to adult age (18). I just don't like the look of really high heels on girls.


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Tue, 08-06-2013 - 9:13am

My girls went through a brief period of dress up, heels that made them look grown up, Lol.. They are 16 and 14 now and the biggest heel they have are these shimmery slip on sandals with about 1/4 inch heel on the back. My 16 year old does have an eye for these cork shoes with a bigger heel than that but she doesn't own a pair. I see it as a make up thing, Any sooner than 13 is too young to me... FWIW, school dances start around middle school IME and girls typically do wear a heel with those dresses. 



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Tue, 08-06-2013 - 10:10am

 Heels can and do cause serious problems for a woman's posture and bone structure. It results in a very unnatural gait.

I don't wear heels except for the occassional pumps. Would never wear stilettos and really think women who wear them are asking for feet problems.  I can always remember visiting an aunt and her telling me about her foot problems and the operation she was facing because of all the years of wearing stilettos.

Not good. Cure me right then and there from wearing heels, except for special occassions where I did not have to stand alot.

My DD is not a slave to fashion.  She does not wear stilettos either and only the occassional pumps at special occassions.  But my DD is a very active young woman who enjoys walking everywhere she goes. She could not do that wearing stilettos.

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Tue, 08-06-2013 - 12:57pm

I really don't see the problem with it at any age. There are definitely worse things out there!

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Tue, 08-06-2013 - 4:08pm

LOL, I still don't wear high heels unless I absolutely have to!

I don't know if there's a right age to begin wearing them. I think it's more about context and the look you want to project. Girls who wear low cut, short dresses and high heels are going to attract every straight guy they see, even if he's 45 and a pervert. It's not just the cute 18 year olds who are going to look at them. This is what I think teen girls who want to wear adult styles need to hear from their parents. Sometimes all a 15 year old needs to hear is "Daddy's friends will think you look so hot" to get her to reconsider her clothing choices!

My 18 year old DD likes high heels (she must get this gene from a distant ancestor). However, she wears them with classic, elegant dresses or skirts and tends to come across as very reserved. If she liked miniskirts or low cut slinky tops, I think I'd do more to discourage high-heel wearing.

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Tue, 08-06-2013 - 4:14pm

My rule on make-up was no rule at all as long as it's not on too thick. So when DD was in middle school, she started wearing make-up to school. After a few exhausting weeks trying to get up early enough to put it on, get her lunch and homework together and make the school bus, she decided she didn't have time to put on anything but chapstick. In HS, she wore it maybe once a month and for special occasions.

I don't think this approach would work for everyone, but with my kids, not making something forbidden fruit seems to help them make the choice not to use it!